Accuracy Player Achievement

  • Accuracy Player



    Hit a hole in one with a Control Golfer

    Use Luke Donald for this achievement, or you can edit your created golfer to set their style to control. There are many straightforward par 3 holes to attempt this on. I would suggest setting up a practice round on any course you are familiar with using custom hole selection to just play the par 3s.

  • can you believe i jammily did this on the first round 2nd par 3, hit a sweet shot, pitching on edge and rolled towards the hole, "oh i, i thought its rolled past" and then dink, hit pin and dropped.. i can safely say i did a lap of the house..... haha
  • What do they mean by "Control Golfer" here? My created player, stats all in the 40's and 50's hit one and nothing happened.
  • You pick either a power golfer or control golfer on swing set up.
  • Anyone have a suggestion of the best holes to try this? I'm trying at wolf creek right now because the elevation change takes away the balls forward momentum so as long as I get it near the flagstick I can use spin to get it in but so far, no luck :(
  • Hole 8 st andrews blue tee easy flag position with gary player....i did it first time lol
  • Did it at pebble 7, easy flag positions will put the hole in the middle of the green with straight backspin you should get it easily.
  • Finally nailed it at pebble 7.
  • Still can't complete this!! Aarggghh!!
  • i got a hole in one with controlled golfer but still didn't pop for me seems EA are still having issues with the achievements not popping for some :-(
  • DOES NOT work with Mulligans turned on dudes.
  • I hope this helps -

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