No Picnic Achievement

  • No Picnic



    Sink a 40ft putt with Green Grid Beads turned OFF

    This is actually much easier than it sounds as you can manipulate the game settings mid-round after every shot. On any large green play to 40ft(12.2m) away from the pin (St Andrew's has plenty of huge greens if you can't find one easily), and line up your putt using the putt preview to ensure it is going in. Once lined up, press start and enter the gameplay settings menu, turn the green grid off and resume the game. Sink the putt and the achievement unlocks.

  • Line up a 40ft putt with grid beads on and ensure its lined up with a putt preview, turn grid beads off before taking the putt and once it sinks, achievement pops.
  • Yup, #1 works. I picked hole number 9 at St. Andrews. I got it to the green, then knocked around the ball until it was properly lined up via preview. Then shut off lines in menu. If I missed, I turned lines back on then knocked the ball 40 or so feet away from hole, shut lines back off and tried again. I was drunk when I did this, so it took me about 5 try's using this method. But, when it sunk it, it popped.
  • Maybe I should get drunk as I've been trying to get this achievement for days now, driving me mad lol
  • As an added thought, you can def line up the putt then turn beads off, hit putt preview for a last check then sink it. St Andrews #9 W Gary Player from the blues no wind.
  • easiest achievement on the game
  • boom boom
  • 5
  • do you just turn the beads off. or the grid completely off?
  • I hope this helps -

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