Shouting at Amen Corner Achievement

  • Shouting at Amen Corner



    Complete Amen Corner (Augusta 11,12,13) with a birdie or better on each in a single round.

    This is easiest done in a practice round as it is the only game mode you can use spin in when playing Augusta. That said you will need to play this course at least 14 times for other achievements so you will have plenty of opportunities. This will unlock mid-round so you don't need to finish the round.

    In order to get this achievement you will need to get lucky with the wind on the par 3 12th, which usually has a swirling circular wind that is there even if the wind set to calm. Practice makes perfect for this one.

  • Tried on quick tour with selected holes, got birdy on each... did not pop!
  • Same thing happened to me... This is crap.
  • Most bug ridden tiger woods I've played. Spoils an ok game.
  • Wait to do this with Arnold Palmer in Legends of the Majors.
  • Here's how I got this: Career, settings on amateur with profile golfer, follow these steps: Save and quit after hole 10 Play Hole 11, if make birdie save & quit on hole 12 tee, and so until birdie on 11, 12, and 13 Else restart and resume mid-round Do this and this one pops no problem. Hole 12 is a PITA with the swirling wind, actually chipped in to get the bird here.
  • I hope this helps -

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