Night Life Achievement

  • Night Life



    Play an 18 hole round of golf at Night

    Very simple achievement - set up a practice round on any course with the full 18 holes and complete it. The achievement will unlock when you complete the round.

  • Night Life and It's 5 O'Clock somewhere will probably unlock at the same time for me, since I usually play at night anyway, so an easy 2 achievements for me.
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • Just played with it set to "LIVE" it was 11:30 PM in NC and "Night Life" didn't pop. I think you have to have it set to "Night".
  • I also had to have it set to night
  • You can easily do Night Life and Bark at the Moon(I think that's the name of it) at the same time.It HAS to be set for night and you can use I believe any other course except Augusta.I had that problem the first time around.As for the Bark at the Moon cheevo use Scott Ratchman.

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