The Real Deal Achievement

  • The Real Deal



    Play an 18 hole round of golf on Simulation Difficulty

    This can be very easily gained by manipulating the game settings mid-round. Play a full 18 hole practice round any any course, when you get to your final putt on the 18th hole line it up to go in then pause the game and in the Gameplay Settings menu change the to difficulty to simulation. Exit to resume the round and make the final shot. The achievement will unlock when your completed scorecard comes up.

  • ok i just did this first u have to set ur settings to simulation. play one hole then change ur settings to what ever u play on i change mine to pro play the rest of the match then on the 18th hoile change back to simulation and the chevo should pop
  • Confirmed. I was only thinking about this method earlier
  • You can just play a normal round starting out on Amateur difficulty, get the 18th hole approach nice and close, then before taking the putt, change the difficulty to Simulation, take the putt and it pops. Very cheeky but hey, that's that.
  • Nice!!
  • Or actually play the entire round in sim mode. Painful, in fact reminds me of my actual golf game. :P
  • had a 19 shot lead going in to the final round at pebble beach so i decided to just play it in sim mode. was a pain though i somehow scored my first eagle in this game. scored an 82.

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