In the Spotlight Achievement

  • In the Spotlight



    Finish in 1st place of a Featured Event

    Go to Quick play/Featured Tournament and start up with the scenario and settings unchanged. If you change any setting at all this will not unlock. If unsure you can restore default settings. The achievement unlocks at the end of the completed round.

  • witch one to use :P play 4-5 already and dont pop up
  • Is this a country club tournament or PGA event or something else? Can someone confirm pls?
  • i complete finally on quick tournament featured one and finish 1st place :P
  • but did it unlock for you? yes or no.
  • Go to play now, featured events, turn time of day to live, play your round until your putt on the 18th, then turn difficulty to simulation, make the putt, collect 3 trophies.
  • I hope this helps -

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