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  • Pin Collector



    Complete a Bronze or better Boost Pin set (Any course)

    This is one of the rarest achievements in the game, as it is entirely luck based.

    You will earn EA coins when you play with your created golfer, and these can be exchanged for boost pins in the Pro Shop. Only buy the cheapest packs as these give the most bronze pins, and all packs only give the same amount of pins so this represents the most economical way of getting boost pins.

    You will be trying to a fill an entire set of pins to complete a bronze set, so i would advise selling any that are not bronze pins when you go through the packs.

    You only get one chance to sell pins when you first open a pack, so choose wisely.

    You can purchase EA coins through your XBL account if you want to try and speed the process up - but it's still random what pins you'll actually receive, so this may only be an option for people with deep pockets!

  • How do you get this??? I cannot find course pin stats anywhere to track the courses.
  • I think you need to buy pin packs and get a whole course of bronze pins. I could be wrong so don't go spending all your coin until we know more.
  • That is exactly it you need to spend loads of those hard played coins for pin packs but because you only get 18 pins and there is well over a thousand pins to collect this could take a while
  • later on in the year ea will offer special packs where you're guaranteed to get one full course pack like they did last year
  • Oh great. That's why I just love EA. any way they can get more money out of us, they'll do it. As if its not enough I'm buying the same extra courses every year with no loyalty discount, they now almost force you to use these damn micro transactions. Yes I know I don't HAVE to buy the extra stuff but I like Tiger games and like getting the full 1000g. The focus is now not what I have to do in game to improve, but what EA can get me to buy to improve.
  • You don't HAVE to spend extra money to get this or I beleive any achievement. Every time you finish playing a course (at least in career mode) you get about 400 coins. I've done the math, and to have an honest shot at finishing one set of pins without buying coins you'd have to play about 300 rounds of golf... which is 5400 holes or better yet... 388,800 strokes if the course par is always 72 strokes. So, I'm probably going to spend some money.
  • Two thoughts. First, has anyone gotten the achievement by collecting the pin set for the Augusta Par 3 course? Second, it has been reported elsewhere, that EA has stated they will NOT be releasing complete course pin packs.
  • What a ridiculous achievement, ensures longevity i guess.
  • That's why I hate EA! Lol
  • They just want you to purchase pins that's all.. All about the money man!
  • I got this by earning a free pin pack by watching a sponsored video. When I got the 9 pins of that Augusta Par 3 course, it unlocked. Buying pin packs helps too.
  • I never paid money for any coins. I earned them playing golf only.
  • so does buying the standard (cheapest) pack give u the best chance to complete this achievement? i would assume so since you're only trying to get bronze pins
  • absolutely hating this achievement. haven't completed a bronze set, yet i'm starting to get silver pins, even gold ones now.
  • I hope this helps -

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