Legendary Rivalry Achievement

  • Legendary Rivalry



    Win the Marathon scenario in Quick Tournaments with Nicklaus & Palmer in the U.S. Open at Oakmont

    This is probably the most difficult scenario based achievement as you'll start behind the leader on the final round and must win to get the achievement.

    Set up a tournament using the following settings: Quick play/Quick tournaments/US Open Championship/Oakmont CC/The Marathon scenario. Select either Nicklaus or Palmer (from either era) for yourself and pick the opposite character as your opponent. Leave the round settings as default (reset to default if needed - but check them afterwards!), and play through 18 holes. The achievement will pop when your winning scorecard comes up on completion of the round.

  • Used Nicklaus an won the match an no achievement ...guess iam gonna give it another try an use Palmer this time an win again maybe it will work that way ... Or maybe u have to play it twice an win both times who knows ...we shall see I guess
  • So the achievement says "Nicklaus & Palmer" Key word is AND
  • @ the same time?
  • you dont have to do this with both players.. i did it with Nicklaus vs player under the marathon scenario and it popped. only thing ive seen muck the achievement up is if you use x to swich player to AI and make the "player" be the second slot
  • did this with Nicklaus and it did not unlock, played it twice. Once with Palmer and Nicklaus and once with just Nicklaus. Can someone verify how to do this as i am sure i am missing something?
  • I hope this helps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSyBEhI5O0Q

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