PGA TOUR Top FOUR Achievement




    Play a Quick Tournament with Snead, Woods, Nicklaus, and Hogan. (Any PGA TOUR Tournament)

    Set up a tournament using the following settings: Quick play/Quick tournaments/PGA Tour/The Players Championship/Top four scenario. Select Tiger Woods (1997-2006) for yourself and pick Snead, Hogan and Nicklaus (1972-1980). Leave the round settings as default (reset to default if needed - but check them afterwards!), and play through 18 holes. The achievement will pop when your scorecard comes up on completion of the round, and you shouldn't need to win (I would always win for good measure though).

  • play the 4 player in the same game tournament (any in PGA section) i choose Tiger and you dont have to win to popup the cheeevos tks :p but i win my game ahahaha
  • Does it matter which Nicklaus and which Woods you use? (there are 2 different of each from two different eras)
  • Have played this three times now and it crashes between the 17th-18th hole. So frustrating and last time I buy an EA game with all it's bull pin/token price add-ons to get achievements! Waste of time!
  • Nope. Played it. Didn't crash. No pop. Like all things EA lately; fail.
  • I hope this helps -

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