High Heels Achievement

  • High Heels



    Win On Their Heels at Kraft Nabisco with Thompson against Lewis, and Creamer in Quick Tournaments

    Set up a tournament using the following settings: Quick play/Quick tournaments/LPGA Tour/Kraft Nabisco Championship/On Their Heels scenario. Select Lexi Thompson as your golfer, and pick Creamer and Lewis as AI. Leave the round settings as default (reset to default if needed - but check them afterwards!), and play through 18 holes. The achievement will pop when your winning scorecard comes up on completion of the round.

  • Just did this using Thompson an no chevooooo ...arrrrrrrrrrrr hate it when u do exactly what the achievement calls for an damn thing won't pop ....fix the glitches EA
  • Yeah same thing for me...... so i just played with chicks for nothing damn it
  • well it worked for me guys, not sure what you 2 are doing wrong. try it again incase these bugs are fixed
  • Nothing. Played twice. This is just awful.
  • Same problem. No achievement.
  • Play it on the difficulty setting of your choice. On the 18th hole, just before your final putt, change the difficulty setting to "Simulation," finish the putt, and it should pop. I've found this to be true of all of the "Quick Tournament" scenario-based achievements.
  • I hope this helps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY02_D71hbY

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