Past, Present, & Future Achievement

  • Past, Present, & Future



    Play the In the Hunt scenario with Jones, Woods, Watson and a Created Golfer at the Masters

    Set up a tournament using the following settings: Quick play/Quick tournaments/Masters Tournament/Augusta National/In The Hunt scenario. Select your created golfer for yourself and pick Woods, Jones and Bubba Watson (Not Tom Watson) as AI. Leave the round settings as default (reset to default if needed - but check them afterwards!), and play through 18 holes. The achievement will pop when your scorecard comes up on completion of the round, and you shouldn't need to win (I would always win for good measure though).

  • Won't unlock for me. God, this game is a buggy mess.
  • Been trying for this one myself for ages but the game has frozen out so many times now (I've even loaded the game onto the hard drive) ive almost given up on doing any more for achievements worst EA tiger woods yet even the graphics on the course was like something out of Tron the movie all block pixilated
  • Have you tried "both" tiger woods characters?
  • I hope this helps -

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