Troon Open Champion Achievement

  • Troon Open Champion



    Win Two in the Running in Quick Tournaments using Palmer in the Open Championship at Royal Troon

    Set up a tournament using the following settings: Quick play/Quick tournaments/Open Championship/Royal Troon Golf Club/Two in The Running scenario. Select Arnold Palmer as your golfer and leave the other as the default. Leave the round settings as default (reset to default if needed - but check them afterwards!), and play through 18 holes. The achievement will pop when your winning scorecard comes up on completion of the round.

  • This is rigged, every cpu shot is perfect. a straight tee shot, then a perfect approach to 5 feet from the hole every time then 1 put. its almost funny how much ea cheats with there games
  • Yep. Full-blown-retard CPU opponent accuracy confirmed. Set up the match with Marshall Faulk as the CPU player as his stats are dismal compared to Arnie, yet he somehow managed a HOLE IN ONE on the Par 3 8th. Add that to the list of why EA was, IIRC, voted "Worst Company/Worst Gaming Company" for two straight years.
  • I hope this helps -

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