Living Legend Achievement

  • Living Legend



    Become the All-Time Win Leader in each of the four Major Leaderboards in Quick Tournaments

    You'll need to play 21 rounds in total. Use the following settings for the tournaments to do this the shortest way - Quick Play/Quick Tournaments/pick the major you're competing in - Change the scenario to 'Solo Leader' and change any course settings to your preference.

    You will need to play each major enough times to become the all time win leader for each, as below:
    The Masters Tournament - 6 wins
    The Open Championship - 6 wins
    US Open Championship - 4 wins
    PGA Championship - 5 wins

    You can check your progress by setting up in the way mentioned above and when prompted to select an event checking the all time win leaders list for any of the majors.

  • Does this mean you have to win The Masters 7 times , The US Open 5 times, The Open 7 times and the PGA championship 6 times?
  • I did all of the above and no achievement :(
  • you have to do it in quick tournaments. and andyc83 check your leaderboards because some people have had problems with this and one of their leaderboards was showing them tied for 1st even tho they werent. so try looking at that
  • quick tournament but with scenario i use can i take leader.....

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