King of the Hill Achievement

  • King of the Hill



    Become #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings

    This achievement will come naturally towards the end of your first season if you've won/placed well in enough tournaments. You can check your position at any time through the menus Career/Stats and Leaderboards/EA Sports Golf Rankings.

  • Imagine if this was for the leaderboards. Ghost Recon: Tiger Woods Edition.
  • Might be, same as Fight Night rnd 4.
  • Guys its the same as every other year where you just have to get to #1 in the local leader board. It takes some time but is easy.
  • Yeah, this is for the single player career ranking, unless things have really changed since last year's game.
  • I am thinking the same as #4. I had no problem getting #1 in 13. Just win tournaments over and over. I did it in 1 season.
  • I haven't played since ' this #1 in On-line leader boards? Seems hard
  • ^ Can't read. Offline.
  • Not unlocking for me.
  • EA have confirmed that this Achievement is glitched at the moment and has been since 29th of march 2013. they are working on it though
  • That's stupid. EARLY better step it up
  • retard people at ea another glitched achevo, stop having interns do your work
  • I assume that this glitch still hasn't been corrected? I'm ranked #1, but still no achievement.

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