Last Name Legend Achievement

  • Last Name Legend



    Legend all events in Legends of the Majors

    The Legends of the Majors mode has around 60 challenges spanning the different era's of the professional game, each era culminating in a match play against a legend/group of legends. Each legend match then unlocks the relevant achievement and the legend as a playable character.

    The related achievements are straightforward as all events can be passed rather than 'Legended'. This, however, is the most challenging achievement in the game as you need to play well, get lucky with course conditions and the sometimes variable AI.

    For specific challenges I'd advise checking youtube if you're really stuck but as the winds are changeable this is an achievement that will need patience, some good fortune and a decent level of skill.

  • Given the amount of events, it seems like this should be worth more than 20 G
  • 90+ events. this achievement should be worth 50gs at the very least.
  • I'm already bored trying to get the double eagle at Augusta in 1930-something..........
  • Can anyone get the 1935 on the green even?!
  • I can get to the green, full power, aim a little right and you MUST over swing. I've been inches away so many times but just bored trying now to be honest.......
  • this chevo is the last on the to do list looks like its gonna take some time especially as some people having trouble doing double eagles and such like
  • The most undervalued achievement in any game, in any genre, ever.
  • This is unbelievably hard. I've made it through every event, but there are still 3 I can't Legend. On one you have to hit an insane approach shot at Pebble Beach over the ocean and make it. The wind changes for every attempt so good luck. On that same one, the next event is getting an ace at Pebble 17. I think there might even be another putt or something after that, but it's easier than the first 2. If that weren't hard enough, you have to get a double eagle at Augusta with Nicklaus...possible, but extremely difficult. Then you have to get another hole in one I believe. Later on, you'll have to "recreate Oosthuizen's albatross" at Augusta 2 with Bubba Watson. I could feel EA flipping me off right then and there. There's also a ton of other "in the cup" events you'll have to defeat which a
  • re tough as well. I doubt this will be worth it for a lot of people. I don't think I'll ever complete it.
  • this one takes time. alot of it. but when you complete it... ahhh the relief!
  • 20g for legending all these takes the pi**. Requires more luck than even the most lucky person has. Requires more than a lifetimes supply of patience. 1935 one isn't that bad as the conditions stay the same but 1972 I think it is (or around then) where you have to hole it again but the wind is constantly changing meaning no two attempts are the same. Thanks a lot EA!

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