No Sweat! Achievement

  • No Sweat!



    Play in a Country Club Tournament

    You will need to join a country club to get this achievement. When you are a member of a country club check for active tournaments and start the round, the achievement will unlock when you start so the round doesn't need to be completed. The country club leader can start these so you can try sending a message to them to set one up, or alternately start your own club and set up a tourney.

  • When I go to do country club tournaments there is no options for me to play just club and player leaderboards, can any1 assist me in what is needed to get this achievement?
  • Im having the same thing happen to me.......Grrrr
  • Same problem here!
  • You need to go to and you must be manager of your country club to make a tournament.
  • For this one, just search and join a club that has about 80+ members. Those are usually active with tournaments. Just enter the tournament and it'll pop immediately at the load screen

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