Howl at the moon Achievement

  • Howl at the moon



    Find the Werewolf

    Set up a practice round on any course except Augusta, with the time of day set to night, and choose Scott Ratchman as the golfer. The achievement will pop when the first tee loads, so you don't need to complete the round.

  • the hell ?!?!
  • Probably have to play a night game since they have been added to this years release.
  • I bet it is a night game, with LIVE time turned on, during a full moon. Be pretty funny if you had to hit a werewolf with a golf ball though.
  • isn't this tiger woods :p.
  • Just start a round as Scott Ratchman at night and the achievement pops.
  • # 5 yes got it tks and pretty funny that scott change into a werewolf ahahahha :P
  • How do you unlock Scott Ratchman?
  • Followed instructions, took an age to load, achievement popped.... game crashed before I seen the wolf.... Third achievement with reported crashes and counting.
  • I hope this helps -

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