Morning Glory Achievement

  • Morning Glory



    Sink a birdie on Pebble 7 with Time of Day set to Morning

    Set up a practice round for full 18 holes with Pebble Beach as the course, with time of day set to morning. Play through to hole 7, which is a short downhill par 3. Birdie this hole and the achievement will pop while the next hole loads. You don't need to complete the round.

  • This morning glory?
  • Did this, no achievement popped up. Do I have to play in a specific game mode?
  • Just a heads up on this achievement You must play from hole 1 without mulligans etc... You can't just choose hole 7 or just par 3's I used a 18 hole play through on practice round and got it.
  • Nope. Played in career from hole 1 to 18 set to morning. Birdie on 7.. Didn't pop. Maybe I owe EA more money?
  • LOL @ Jack comment #1 Popped this again using Gary Player, practice round, Pebble, 18 holes, Blue tees, calm wind, easy pin, no mully's, and duh set the time o day to MORNING lol.

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