Pai Mei Achievement

  • Pai Mei



    Earn Golfer Level 50 with a created golfer

    Your golfer level will increase as you play rounds with your created golfer. Typically career mode offers the best way to gain exp, although any game mode will keep your golfer ranking up. This will come naturally to anyone intending on completing the full 1000. These achievements pop mid-round when you have gained enough exp to reach the relevant level.

  • Not sure if its a glitch or intentional, but none of the leveling based achievements unlocked when I imported experience from the previous game. My golfer is now level 71 from that experience but I didn't get any if the leveling achievements after leveling up to 72. Can anyone else confirm this?
  • same thing happened to me, try starting a completely new golfer and playing one round to see if it works. the EA forums have people that have tried it and some worked some didnt, i guess EA is working on it tho
  • Alright, thanks ShortBusKINGv1. I'll be sure to try it out later and keep my eye on the forums for updates/solutions.
  • yeah, its a typical EA game, itll take about 100 years for them to fix everything.
  • I think it would unlock when you are that level so since you jump straight from 1 to 71 or whatever level you reach, its not activating the chievos, just a theory
  • you actually have to start from scratch and make a golfer then start from zero then play and build the attribute up to level 50
  • @Gedders after ea puts an update online for this game all you will have to do is create a golfer import xp and level up one time after that for this one to pop up
  • EA are not going to update this, gedders is right you need to start the game with a new golfer and build them up. If you do it with a female golfer to get their card it only takes you up to level 30 btw. EA rewarding you in one hand for buying 2 years in a row then spiting it back in your face with glitchy achievements. This game is a waste of time, long repetitive achievements with no fun involved.

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