Challenge Accepted Achievement

  • Challenge Accepted



    Complete the first rank of all non-level-specific challenges with a single character.

    For this achievement, you must complete the first level of all the challenges listed below. There are a few challenges that begin hidden, and only unlock after completing another challenge in a certain way. Be sure to work on "Open Wide" from the jump, as this is required to get to Level 5 before it unlocks a different shotgun challenge. You'll also need to get "Splish Splash" in the rocket section to Level 5, but this is considerably quicker. Every other challenge is either available from the start, or reveals itself when you complete it for the first time. I'm not sure why they chose to require those two challenges hit Level 5 before unlocking a different challenge, but that's the way it is.

    Most of these will come fairly naturally, but some are a bit irksome. I had trouble with the sniper challenge for killing an enemy that wasn't aware of you, ended up getting that against the little stumpy trees in the forest. Some will be out of reach until the loot gods smile upon you and you're able to get a specific grenade, or a weapon with a melee bonus. Just be sure to keep one of each type of weapon, one of each elemental type, one of each shield type, and one of each grenade type until you've complete the respecitve challenges, then you can sell them off if you don't like them.

    Anyway, once you've completed the story you can do a check of what's left to complete and head back to the forest area to kill things in the desired manner.

    Dragon Keep
    • Scot-Free: Kill 50 dwarves.
    • Rock Out With Your Rock Out: Kill 10 golems.
    • Knighty Knight: Kill 10 knights.
    • Orcs Should Perish: Kill 50 orcs.
    • Bone Breaker: Kill 50 skeletons.
    • Ew Ew Ew Ew: Kill 25 spiders.
    • Cheerful Green Giants: Kill 10 treants.
    • Magical Massacre: Kill 10 wizards.
    • Fus Roh Die: Kill 10 dragons.
    • Can't Fool Me: Kill 5 mimics.
    • Cowering Inferno: Light 25 enemies on fire.
    • Acid Trip: Kill 5 enemies with corrosive damage.
    • Boom.: Kill 5 enemies with explosives.
    • Slag-Licked: Deal 5000 bonus damage to slagged enemies.
    • Say "Watt" Again: Deal 5000 damage with shock DoT (damage-over-time) effects.
    • Corroderate: Deal 5000 damage with corrosive DoT (damage-over-time) effects.
    • I Just Want to Set the World on Fire: Deal 5000 damage with incendiary DoT (damage-over-time) effects.
    • Open Pandora's Boxes: Open 25 lootable crates, lockers, and other objects.
    • Gun Runner: Pick up or purchase 10 weapons.
    • The Call of Booty: Open 5 treasure chests.
    • Nothing Rhymes with Orange: Loot or purchase 1 legendary item.
    • Purple Reign: Loot or purchase 1 purple-rarity item.
    • I Like My Treasure Rare: Loot or purchase 3 blue-rarity items.
    • Another Man's Treasure: Loot or purchase 10 white items.
    • It's Not Easy Looting Green: Loot or purchase 5 green-rarity items.
    Money and Trading
    • Whaddaya Buyin'?: Purchase 1 item with Eridium.
    • For the Hoard!: Save a lot (10,000) of money.
    • Psst, Hey Buddy...: Trade with 1 other player.
    • Wholesale: Sell 10 items to vending machines.
    • Limited-Time Offer: Buy 1 Item of the Day.
    • Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all: Collect 5000 dollars from cash drops.
    Health and Recovery
    • I'm Back! Shocked?: Get Second Winds by killing 1 enemy with a shock DoT (damage over time).
    • Death, Wind, and Fire: Get Second Winds by killing 1 enemy with an incendiary DoT (damage over time).
    • I'll Just Help Myself: Get Second Winds by killing 5 enemies.
    • Green Meanie: Get Second Winds by killing enemies with a corrosive DoT (damage over time).
    • This Is No Time for Lazy!: Revive a co-op partner 5 times.
    • Badass Bingo: Get Second Winds by killing 1 badass enemy.
    • Heal Plz: Recover 1000 health.
    • Pull the Pin: Kill 10 enemies with grenades.
    • Singled Out: Kill 5 enemies with Singularity grenades.
    • EXPLOOOOOSIONS!: Kill 5 enemies with MIRV grenades.
    • Chemical Sprayer: Kill 5 enemies with Area-of-Effect grenades.
    • Woah, Black Betty: Kill 5 enemies with Bouncing Betty grenades.
    • Health Vampire: Kill 5 enemies with 5 Transfusion grenades.
    • Game of Thorns: Kill 5 enemies with reflected damage from a Spike shield.
    • Amp It Up: Kill 5 enemies while buffed by an Amplify shield.
    • Roid Rage: Kill 5 enemies while buffed by a Maylay shield.
    • Super Novas: Kill 5 enemies with a Nova shield burst.
    Rocket Launcher
    • Sky Rockets in Flight...: Kill 10 enemies from long range with rocket launchers.
    • Catch-a-Rocket!: Kill 5 enemies with direct hits from rocket launchers.
    • Splish Splash: Kill 5 enemies with rocket launcher splash damage. (Must kill 50 enemies to unlock another challenge.)
    • Gone with the Second Wind: Get 1 Second Wind with rocket launchers.
    • Rocket and Roll: Kill 5 enemies with rocket launchers.
    Sniper Rifle
    • Surprise!: Kill 5 unaware enemies with sniper rifles.
    • Longshot Headshot: Get 10 critical hits with sniper rifles.
    • Longshot: Kill 10 enemies with sniper rifles.
    • No Scope, No Problem: Kill 5 enemies with sniper rifles without using the scope/ironsights.
    • Leaf on the Second Wind: Get 1 Second Wind with sniper rifles.
    • Snipe Hunting: Kill 5 enemies with critical hits using sniper rifles.
    Assault Rifle
    • Aggravated Assault: Kill 10 enemies with assault rifles.
    • This Is My Rifle...: Get 10 critical hits with assault rifles.
    • ...This Is My Gun: Kill 5 enemies with critical hits using assault rifles.
    • From My Cold, Dead Hands: Get 1 Second Wind with assault rifles.
    • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault Rifle: Kill 5 enemies with assault rifles while crouched.
    • High Rate of Ire: Kill 5 enemies with critical hits using SMGs.
    • More Like Submachine FUN: Get 1 Second Wind with SMGs.
    • Constructive Criticism: Get 10 critical hits with SMGs.
    • Hail of Bullets: Kill 10 enemies with SMGs.
    • Shotgun!: Kill 10 enemies with shotguns.
    • Faceful of Buckshot: Get 25 critical hits with shotguns.
    • Lock, Stock, and...: Get 1 Second Wind with shotguns.
    • Open Wide!: Kill 10 enemies at point-blank range with shotguns. (Must get 250 kills to unlock another challenge.)
    • Shotgun Surgeon: Kill 5 enemies with critical hits using shotguns.
    • Shotgun Sniper: Kill 5 enemies from long range with shotguns.
    • Hard Boiled: Get 1 Second Wind with pistols.
    • Pistolero: Kill 5 enemies with critical hits.
    • Quickdraw: Kill 5 enemies shortly after aiming down the sights with a pistol.
    • Deadeye: Get 10 critical hits with pistols.
    • The Killer: Kill 10 enemies with pistols.
    • Fisticuffs!: Kill 10 enemies with melee attacks.
    • A Squall of Violence: Kill 10 enemies with melee attacks using bladed guns.
    General Combat
    • Gun Slinger: Deal 5000 damage with Tediore reloads.
    • Boomerbang: Kill 5 enemies with Tediore reloads.
    • Critical Acclaim: Kill 10 enemies with critical hits. And rainbows.
    • Knee-Deep in Brass: Fire 300 rounds.
    • ...To Pay the Bills: Kill 5 enemies while using your Action Skill.
    • Not Full of Monkeys: Kill 5 enemies with stationary barrels.
    • Haters Gonna Hate: Win 1 duel.
    • Sidejacked: Complete 1 side mission.
    • Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Challenges...: Complete 5 challenges

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