They Was All "Hey, That's Mine!" Achievement

  • They Was All "Hey, That's Mine!"



    Unsheathe 5 swords from Immortal Skeletaurs without leaving the area.

    During the quest "Denial, Anger, Initiative" you will come to a fight against four mini-boss type enemies with the smaller mobs being the Immortal Skeletaurs we want for this achievement. To unlock this achievement, keep killing the mobs by removing all their health until they fall to the ground, then go up and press button-x.png to remove the sword from them, which kills them permanently. If you let them be long enough with the sword still inserted, they'll resurrect. So long as you don't travel to another a new area, the count towards five will continue.

    If you don't unlock this during the story mission, you can return to this area later and these enemies will once again be available. Again, kill five by removing the swords before traveling to another area to unlock the achievement.

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