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    Have at least 1,000,000 gold.

    Note that these two achievements require you to have this much gold in your possession all at once; they are not cumulative.

    Assuming you continue to loot stuff that falls from enemies and chests, and sell whatever you don't want or need, you will easily unlock this achievement before finishing your playthrough, assuming you save up some money at some point. As you start to get towards level 30 and 40, the corresponding weapons at those levels will sell for thousands of gold, not to mention the quest rewards for the later quests give you a ton of gold too, allowing you to far surpass 1,000,000 gold.

    As a point of reference, you will need hundreds of millions of gold to buy all inventory upgrades to unlock Mule Character (50G), and if you follow the video in that achievement solution you will unavoidably unlock this achievement in the process. 

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  • I am sure that this glitch can be converted to Xbox

    This is an easy way to duplicate your money and make the Goldionaire and Mule Character easier easier, less grinding.

    You need 2 controllers and a ps plus account on one character.

    First turn off the automatic cloud save for Wonderlands.

    Then load up 2 characters, transfer all your money to the other character.
    Save and close

    restore your save, load up and transfer back all your money. You will have 2x the money you had before. If you back up your save now and repeat, you could keep duplicating all your money.

    You can view it here


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