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    Have at least 3,000 total Loot Luck.

    Your loot luck as a total number is viewable from the Skills tab. From there, press button-x.png to view your Hero Stats, and on the top right you'll see a Loot Luck number. This number is increased in four ways:
    1. Naturally during story progression and leveling up
    2. Finding Lucky Dice collectibles in the various areas
    3. Completing the Aaron G shrine in the Overworld (not available until you complete Karnak's Wall Region) 
    4. Increasing your Loot Luck via your Myth Rank after reaching level 40
    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to detect any rhyme or reason behind how the increases work. I've monitored the number before and after each of the above tasks was completed and it seemed to jump up huge amounts at seemingly random times, so I'm not sure if it's a bug or what. However, with reaching level 40, finding some Lucky Dice naturally as you progress and complete all story and side quests, and then completing the shrine of Aaron G in the Overworld, that should be plenty to put your over the 3000 mark. I didn't have to go out of my way to follow any guides for Lucky Dice locations, and I unlocked this achievement before reaching level 40, right after I completed the shrine of Aaron G. 

    If you complete the shrine, all story and side quests, and reach level 40 and still haven't unlocked this achievement, you could either hunt down more Lucky Dice or just continue to work on other achievements to level up more, getting more Myth Rank levels and increasing your Loot Luck in the Druid tree. 

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