They Haven't Invented Podcasts Yet Achievement

  • They Haven't Invented Podcasts Yet



    Pick up a lore scroll.

    Lore scrolls are one of the types of collectibles in this game, and work just like the Echo Recordings and Typhon Logs in Borderlands games. They glow a baby blue color but aren't marked on your map or anything. There are a total of 57 of them in the game, and you only need to find a single one for this achievement. The first one I found was right after falling into the crypt in the first story mission: it's immediately to your right as soon as you enter the crypt.

    All of the scrolls are around areas you will go to for quests (none of them are hidden and tucked away in hard to reach places), so you will assuredly encounter at least one (likely many) during your playthrough. There are a handful of particularly obvious ones sitting around in the Overworld that you would have an extremely hard time missing. 

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