Master Achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

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    How to unlock Master

  • The AI is so mean
  • Looking to do this with 4 other people. GAMERTAG: ELLIOT776
  • Easy going, team player with over 95,900 gamerscore. Add me for co-op and achievements. GT: your7sins
  • looking to join a group to do this, msg me at SKILLA99
  • Keen to do this, add me XBOX one BuckshotXSI
  • I am looking for a group to join and yes I have a mic and I am a team player GT: Xbox Live000004
  • need this achievement Gt: Dermeister 1969 I have a friend that can help
  • hey guys i also need this achievement on xbox if you can help my GT is same as my username i live in australia :) add me and msg me its for siege
  • Looking to do this GT UniverseSurfer
  • add me to do this gamertag is qaspa
  • got this on my first try in terro hunt classic bartlett U.. I killed two terrorist and died 2 minutes into the game. I was lucky enough to que with some awesome guys who completed it with little trouble.
  • I'm in need of this one GT Serbianprospect
  • Need help with this one add me Gladiator291
  • I played this with a team of 4 but ended up finishing it on my own as they died. Here's what I did: – Set map to Kafe Dostoyevsky – Set game type to Hostage – If playing with others it's best to bring a Thermite, Buck, Sledge, Hibana to help create easy access from window to hostage allowing for a quick escape. – Drone out and find the hostage quickly, if they're not by a room with window access to the roof die and restart (I got train room on my playthrough) – Save one drone for the end phase – Plan access to the room either via a window or quick path way – Take you time and clear the path way methodically, wait for bombers and try to take at least two out before you grab the hostage. Hold tight angles and go for headshots obvs. – One last check of the drone to see there's no
  • I’m looking to do this if anyone still needs it. My Gamertag is ‘DannyUk95’ same as my username ????????
  • I am also looking to get this achivement if anyone interested can send me a request. I have a mike and headphones if that helps : gametag : hell4u14

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