- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Approximate time: 20 - 30 hours
- Offline: 44 (980)
- Online: 1 (20)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (1 Singleplayer, 1 co-op)
- Number of missable achievements: Man of Conviction, Judge, Jury & Executioner, Survivor.
- Glitched achievements: Realistic Difficulty
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats.
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes.
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? No.
- Is there DLC?: Yes.

  • Deniable Ops: Insurgency
    • Offline: 9 (250
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 250: 2-4 Hours
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: None

Pretty much all of the achievements can be done offline, in splitscreen, or with a second controller. The only one that requires you to go online and invite your buddy is Quality Time. They're all pretty straightforward, there's only a few difficult ones, and even they're not too bad. The "Realistic Difficulty" achievement is indeed currently glitched. There's no known workaround. If you get it, you get it.

Splinter Cell Conviction is the fifth installment in the Splinter Cell franchise. You play Sam Fisher, a disgruntled ex-super-spy who's trying to find the the man who killed his daughter. This game takes place directly after the events of Double Agent. Anyhow, the game isn't too difficult, but it does require patience. I've assembled a list of tips for doing this on Realistic Difficulty, see the achievement "Realistic Difficulty."

Singleplayer Playthrough: (Realistic Difficulty)
There's no reason to play through on anything but Realistic. After finishing, you can use Scene Select and set it to rookie to knock out any P.E.C. challenges that you weren't able to complete.

Most of the achievements you'll be getting are story related. There are a few exceptions, however:

  • Well Rounded: Check the P.E.C. challenges often, and try to base your strategy around completing as many of them as possible.
  • Gadgets/Weapons Expert: Fully upgrade all your gadgets, it'll make life easier and net you an achievement. Upgrade your favorite weapons first, and then work on the rest.

Co-op playthrough:
Now it's time to knock out the four achievements tied to beating the co-op story on Realistic Difficulty. Stick with your teammate, and you'll do fine. The Survivor achievement can be missed. I don't want to spoil anything here, and it's impossible to explain without doing so. Refer to that achievement if you want to know how to unlock it. Keep in mind there's a 50% chance you'll get it without even knowing how.

Cleaning up:
It's now time to knock out all the achievements that you may not have completed in either of the story modes. Such as Well Rounded, Fashionable, and Ready for Anything. You'll also be knocking out all the Deniable Ops(Last Stand, Face Off and Hunter) achievements.

Deniable Ops: Insurgency

Step 1: Complete all DLC levels on Realistic
To begin, you'll want to complete each of the four DLC maps on Realistic. This will net you a total of 130 by unlocking the following achievements: Who Let The Docks Out?, Rise From the Graves, Just Free Yourself, Experimental Treatment, and Team Congratz. Having a good Co-Op partner will prove to be beneficial when completing each mission.

On the level, "Under Construction" you'll also want to aim for Demolition Crew. This must be done on Realistic and tasks you with destroying all the explosives in the last area of the mission.

Step 2: Replay levels
The last three achievements can be obtained on the Rookie difficulty but will require you to perform specific tasks during the other 3 missions. These will be very difficult compared to the other achievements, but with a Co-Op partner, they shouldn't be too hard. For King Of The Crypt and Thinking Inside The Box, you'll need to eliminate 12 enemies with hand-to-hand combat in the New Orleans, LA and San Francisco, CA missions respectively. Lastly, Watch The Soap tasks you with eliminating 18 enemies in a specific location of the Portland, ME map.

Splinter Cell Conviction is an incredibly fun and rewarding stealth game. The achievements are all straightforward with no grinding involved. You'll have fun unlocking them, and you'll probably come back for more. The Insurgency DLC also offers outstanding co-op play to Splinter Cell: Conviction. All nine achievements can be done in one sitting and will not be too difficult to obtain. Make sure to grab a good Co-Op partner in order to get the achievements with ease.


[x360a would like to thank BarbaricGoose for this road map]
[x360a would like to thank The BiggD for the DLC addition]

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 54 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Complete single player story on "Realistic" difficulty

    This achievement will unlock once you complete the game on the "Realistic" difficulty setting.

    Note: Some people are having issues with this achievement unlocking once the game has been completed. It it doesn't unlock you are one of the unlucky ones who may have to go through the game again to unlock this achievement.

    A couple tips to help you achieve this:

    Upgrade and use your pistol: It's going to be your best friend. The first shot fired is always incredibly accurate, and generally, the bullet will hit exactly where you're aiming. Making head shots quite easy. Your pistol also has infinite ammo, so don't worry about running out!

    Note: When you get it, the Five-Seven pistol is the best. It's highly accurate, and out of all the weapons in the game, it allows you to mark the most targets - Four.

    Seek a vertical advantage whenever possible: I can't stress how much this helps. Enemies generally won't shine their flashlights up at pipes, or onto roofs, so hide in these locations religiously.

    Use your gadgets: This may sound trivial, but I often forget to use these myself. Your gadgets will be fully replenished every time you interact with an Ammo Stash. Needless to say, all of them are incredibly helpful.

    Take a shotgun (Or an AR): I personally find that most of the other weapons are somewhat bad on Realistic difficulty. As I mentioned before, your pistol is incredibly accurate(And it has infinite ammo) so if an enemy is far away, it's easy enough to simply pick him off with your pistol. If several enemies are closing in on you, however, killing all of them with your pistol is going to be difficult. Which is where the shotgun comes into play. A single shot from mid to close range with the shotgun will kill any enemy. If you have the silenced shotgun, kudos.

    Note: Assault rifles are also quite nice, so the choice is yours. I'd recommend avoiding any other type of weapon, though.

    Sonar Goggles, use them: I shouldn't have to explain this one. They're crucial to your survival, and your enemy's ultimate demise. Mark your enemies when you spot them with sonar(You can spot them through walls once you've detected them). This makes it much easier to keep track of their movements without having to constantly switch on sonar.

    Light Sources: Look for a light switch before shooting out the light. It's quite a bit more subtle.

    Note: When you turn out a light, it may attract a nearby hostile, but he won't bring any backup with him! Use this to your advantage.

  • Complete the co-op story on "Realistic" difficulty


    This is shorter and easier than playing the campaign solo. You should find someone that is willing to complete this all the way through. Split-screen works for this game mode as well. You will be able to revive eachother and save one another from choke holds. In fact, if one player is downed, and the other is in a choke hold, you can still survive. The other player can still sit up and shoot the enemy that's choking as long as he's in range. This is a big difference from story, but makes it easier as it gives you a second chance. You also have double the gadgets. Playing single player (both players) will help a lot. You will both have upgraded gear and more weapon choices.

  • Invite a friend to join and participate in a co-op story or game mode session

    This is the only achievement that technically requires an online connection. The host will gain the achievement, so once your friend joins and you start a mission, quit out so they can get it as well if they don't already have it.

  • Hunter



    Complete any 1 map in "Hunter" game mode in co-op

    You can do all of the hunter missions online cooperative or split-screen. If you really can't find anyone to play, you can sign in your second controller and play with that controller doing nothing (only having to move it to save you or to reach the next area). Just play the first map and pass all 5 areas.

  • Complete any 1 map in "Last Stand" game mode in co-op


    Refer to "Last Man Standing."This is also online cooperative or split-screen. I have tried starting from wave 15 but that did not unlock the achievement. Oddly, it unlocked after I started from wave 1 and got to wave 10 on the same level, during the end of that wave. If you do this with a partner, start from one and work your way to 20. You can retry from every wave, so it's not that tough.

  • Complete all maps in "Hunter" game mode on rookie or normal difficulty


    See "Hunter Master"

  • Complete all maps in "Hunter" game mode on realistic difficulty


    This game mode has 6 levels with various areas to travel to. You can keep track of which ones you have completed on which difficulty by the icon next to the level. If all three dots are red, then you have completed it on realistic. You may do this alone or with a friend. Having a partner does not effect how many enemies are on the stage. The amount of enemies are a set amount, but different in different areas as well as the number of backups that are called. Even if backup is called every time, it is still pretty easy (especially with a partner).

    It is suggested that you have completed the storyline and have done upgrades on all gadgets, uniform/s, and guns that you use. With a coop partner that has all the upgrades and has beaten the game, this mode will be very easy. It saves everyarea and has weapon stashes after each area. I suggest going in with as many gadgets as possible.

  • Complete all maps in "Last Stand" game mode on rookie or normal difficulty


    Refer to "Last Man Standing."

  • Complete all maps in "Last Stand" game mode on realistic difficulty


    You will have to play through the 10 different levels (accessed by hitting down in orer to reveal the other levels). This mode can be done online cooperative, split-screen, or by yourself. It's easier with a partner because you can revive eachother. The number of enemies increases by 5 if you do have a partner along with you.

    There are a total of 20 waves in this game mode, but you are able to start from wave 15 on all maps and still get the achievement, leaving only 6 waves per map. Some of them do get pretty hard, so I will explain how to make it go by a lot easier.

    On all of the maps there is usually a good vantage point where you can pick people off. Explore the maps to figure these out. Use silenced weapons and as many gadgets as you can. You can kill each wave, then die on purpose if you want to restock. Unlimited attemps! Should take you around 15 to 20 mins per level if you do it solo. Here is an example video explaining some things.

    If you would like more info on how to set the mode up and for a video covering every different level, please see the link below:

    All Last Stand Levels on Realistic

  • Complete all maps in "Face-Off" game mode using any connection type

    Refer to "Face Off."

  • Win one match in "Face-Off" game mode on any difficulty

    First of all, this achievement should be named "Face/Off."

    Anyway, Face Off is your typical death match, except there's a twist. Enemy AI is present on the map, and, as they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Except the AI isn't your friend, it's an AI. You can still use it to your advantage, however. To win the match, you'll have to win 3 rounds.

    This can be earned with two controllers in split-screen.

    Set the match parameters as such:

    • Time limit: 2 minutes
    • Enemy density: Low or none.
    • Point limit: 30

    If you're going to do this in split-screen with two controllers, you might want to consider putting enemy density on low, instead of none. For every NPC you kill, you'll get one point. If you're unfamiliar with the maps, you may have trouble finding your buddy, but with enemy density on low, you don't have to, you just can kill any NPC and wait for the clock to tick down. If you're boosting this with someone, however, the NPCs will just get in your way.

    Every time you kill your "Friend." You'll get 5 points, so you might be able to make the round end in slightly under 2 minutes, if you're quick. Otherwise, each win will take you 2 minutes. Since the matches consist of 3 rounds, each map will take you 6 minutes or less to complete.

    Note: If you tie a round (No one gets any kills, or you get the same number) no one wins that round. Which means you'll have to do an extra round, so make sure you get at least one kill per round!

  • Complete all prepare & execute challenges

    Refer to "Well Rounded."

  • Complete all vanish challenges


    Refer to "Well Rounded."

  • Complete all Splinter Cell challenges


    There are a total of 19 challenges of this type, requiring one level of completion. See "Well-Rounded" for more info.

  • Complete all challenges


    The challenges are how you earn a form of currency, and are the only "collectible" if want to think of it that way. They can accessed in all game modes, as your challenge completion follows your profile in each mode, each difficulty, and each replay of levels. Any time you complete one, it saves. Even if you die, retry, or flat out quit the game.

    They are all pretty easy to complete, as even the harder ones have tricks. Here is a guide I have composed to walk you through everything you need to know about them, including the best spots and best methods. There are also videos for some of the harder ones, just click the link below.

    Challenge Guide

  • Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 weapon


    Refer to "Weapons Expert."

  • Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 gadget


    Refer to "Weapons Expert."

  • Purchase all 3 upgrades for all weapons


    Each upgrade will cost you P.E.C. points. To earn P.E.C. points, complete the various P.E.C. challenges online or offline. There are 38,000 P.E.C. points total, only 26,900 P.E.C. points are required to obtain all the upgrades, uniforms, and camouflage texture variants. Which leaves you with 11,100 P.E.C. points to spend on the various unlockable weapons and armor, such as the MP7A1, 3E Shadow Armor and VR Zvezda.

    There are two ways to upgrade a weapon:

    Method #1: While in-game, upon finding a Weapon Stash, open it up, find the weapon you wish to upgrade and press .

    Method #2: From the main menu, select Deniable Ops or Co-op story, once you get to the matchmaking screen, select Equipment, and then Pistol or Alternate Weapon(They'll both take you to the same screen). Highlight your desired weapon to upgrade, and press .

  • Purchase both upgrades for all gadgets


    There are 2 upgrades for every gadget, and upgrading all of them first will help out in the long run. They all have specific challenges associated with them, and make the game easier when upgraded. You must upgrade the following gadgets:

    • Frag Grenade
    • Remote Mine
    • EMP Grenade
    • Flashbang
    • Sticky Camera

    You do not have to upgrade the portable EMP, as it has no upgrades.

  • Unlock all weapons in the weapon vault


    There are a total of 17 weapons to collect. You gain these by playing and completing story based missions. In single player, you will unlock all of the associated weapons upon finishing the level Michigan Ave. To unlock the rest, play missions 1-3 of cooperative story mode.

    There is no worry of missing a weapon in the game as long as you complete the levels. You do not have to pick weapons from dead enemies to gain them. Also, there is confusion with the AK47. It is unlocked by playing the cooperative story, not by playing the Iraq level (even though that level has you using it). Just enjoy the game, you'll get these along the way. The ones marked "Silenced" come that way.


    • Mk.23 (Silenced)
    • MP-446 (Silenced)
    • Desert Eagle
    • P228
    • Five-Seven (Silenced)
    • USP.45

    Machine Pistols

    • Skorpion
    • SR-2M

    Submachine Guns

    • MP5-N 2
    • MP5-SD3 (Silenced)
    • AKS-74U
    • UMP-45

    Assault Rifles

    • AK-47
    • M468
    • G36C
    • SC3000


    • M-500
  • Purchase any 1 uniform


    Refer to "Fashionable."

  • Purchase any 1 accessory for any 1 uniform


    Refer to "Fashionable."

  • Purchase all 9 accessories for all uniforms


    Refer to "Fashionable."

  • Purchase all 6 texture variants for all uniforms


    To purchase a new uniform: From the main menu, select Deniable Ops or Co-op story, once you get to the matchmaking screen, select Equipment, and then Uniform. From there you can purchase a new uniform.

    Note: DLC uniforms (of any kind) count towards this achievement. So if you download one of those, you'll get this achievement.

    To purchase a Texture/Accessory for uniform: Follow the same steps you would to purchase a new uniform, but instead of purchasing one, highlight one you own, and press to change/purchase camouflage. To purchase an accessory instead of camouflage, press instead of .

  • Complete any map in Hunter without ever having been detected on realistic difficulty


    This will be one of the harder challenges in the game, but you should get it within an attempt or two. You can do it the hard way, by actually playing and trying, or the easy way.

    Set up a game with a good online friend, or you may set up split-screen by yourself and play with an alternate account (can be a Silver account). Only control the alternate account when you are going for kills. It is okay if you alert guards with your alternate account, even if they call in backup. I got backup called on me every section!

    Don't go too far from your weapon stash (which is where you should have your main account hidden). Kill as you see fit, mostly from a distance and using gadget galore. When you're out, run to the stash. If you are downed, do not sit up. Let your main account revive you first. You should always shoot out lights around the area you are fighting at to ensure shadows for your main account. Enemies will wander off while you can revive and start the fight again.

    I did this and got the achievement while even being spotted for a brief second, but had killed him silently without alerting other guards. So if that happens, do not quit out, you may still be entitled to achievement.

    Note: You must complete it in one go. The achievement will not unlock if you die and use the retry option.

    Bonus: This can be stacked with the challenges Advanced Stealth and Advanced Combat Mastery. This is where I got them personally, with the method described above.

  • In Last Stand, survive all enemy waves of any map in one session without failing on any difficulty


    To get this you will need to play Last Stand with or without a partner. It is strongly advised that you have a partner to speed things up. You must not die nor let the EMP get destroyed. Play it on the level you think is easiest.

    If you want the easiest possible way, follow my video guide. It shows you the best possible level and spot to make this achievement a breeze. You can do it by yourself even on realistic using this method. Remember, you must start at wave 1, starting at any other wave will void the achievement. Make sure it's a fresh game and that you haven't retried.

    Uniform: +1 Gadget +1 Gadget (the choice is yours, magazine, armor, or another gadget)

    Pistol: Five-Seven. Though you won't be using the 4 marks, you will be using it's silenced feature as well as it having laser sight. You'll get 20 shots out of it and it has increased range. No reason to go with anything else.

    Alternate Weapon: I highly suggest my favorite alternate weapon MP5-SD3. Stocked with a silencer, it also provides extreme accuracy and good range. There is a 2x scope to help you aim for maximum precision.

    A Partner: You can do this by yourself, but with so many people out there also needing this achievement, you may as well get it done faster. If you have no one you know of to play with, look in the "Achievement Trading Thread". If you choose this way you will be playing with a stranger and you both should be respectiful to eachother. 

  • Discover Anna Grimsdottir's dark secret

    This is a story related achievement.


Secret achievements

  • Complete Single Player Story "Merchant's Street Market" on any difficulty

    This is the first level in the game. It is set up as a tutorial to help you get used to the controls and features.

  • Complete Single Player Story "Kobin's Mansion" on any difficulty

    This level will introduce you to stealth tactics for the most part, as well as climbing and dropping. It is a pretty straight forward level. If you find yourself taking a lot of time on this level, that is fine. After this level you will really start to have the hang of things!

  • Complete Single Player Story "Price Airfield" on any difficulty

    This level steps it up a bit in difficulty. There are lots more enemies, and not much climbing involved. This is where you'll need to learn how to eliminate many enemies in small areas.

  • Complete Single Player Story "Diwaniya, Iraq" on any difficulty

    This level is a flashback. You will not be playing as Sam in this level. You have an AK47 and must rescue him. You have no stealth tactics and must utilize the long range of the Ak47 assault rifle.

  • Complete Single Player Story "Washington Monument" on any difficulty

    In this level you'll be at a carnival. There are two main segements. First you must take out the "tails" following, which is actually very easy. The game saves after each one you do (there are 3). After this, you will be fighting a lot of angry enemies. You will be introduced to gadgets here, and can practice them and gain some challenges at the start. If you check the challenge guide I have two videos detailing this level in the Splinter Cell challenges. You may use the same route on realistic, but you will need to use gadgets to help.

  • Complete Single Player Story "White Box Laboratories" on any difficulty

    You just may end up spending the most time on this level, as it has awesome oppurtunity for the challenges. It gives you lots of gadgets and a perfect area to do them in (check the challenge guide for info). This level involves quite a bit of climbing around.

  • Complete Single Player Story "Lincoln Memorial" on any difficulty

    This level is also pretty straightforward in what you have to do. You have to do some spy/filming, chase a guy through crowds of people, and then survive a couple waves of enemies before you can escape.

  • Complete Single Player Story "Third Echelon HQ" on any difficulty

    This level starts off with an area you have to be extremely stealthy in, and will fail if you get detected (or a body does for that matter). Refrain from shooting the cameras, as you will fail for doing so. This is probably the longest level. There is a room later on that requires you to pass through lasers. Once you get to the end of that said area, a helpful hint is to climb up and over. You'll know when you get there. You will be introduced to a thickening plot as well as a new type of enemy that can detect you even while you are stealthed. You get sonar gogges finally! Also note, a good way to complete the Assault Rifle Marksman challenge is provided at the end of the level when you get unlimited Mark and Execute status (the only time in the game). There are around 16 or 17 enemies. You should pack your assault rifle along for this mission just for this reason alone.

  • Complete Single Player Story "Michigan Ave. Reservoir" on any difficulty

    You might recognize this level if you played the demo. They changed it up a little bit this time around. After you save the scientist you will have to head outside for the rest of the level fighting more enemies and even an attack helicopter which is somewhat annoying on realistic.

  • Complete Single Player Story "Downtown District" on any difficulty

    This mission is fairly short. Make your way to the White House which is the last level in the game. You will have very limited stealth here, as you will not be able to climb anything. If you kill a civilian on accident you will fail, so avoid throwing random grenades in the crowd. You can go back to your weapon stash constantly to help. When you get to the White House, head to the left side while Sam is talking to Grim. a bunch of guards will appear, but since you're already passed them on the left, you can easily walk by the one guard in your path.

  • Complete Single Player Story "White House" on any difficulty

    This level can be very annoying, as it's the last level. You will be fighting plenty of enemies along with Splinter Cells. The easiest way to do this level is to run back to your weapon stash and refill on gadgets. Keep hiding behind areas and throw heaps of grenades and other explosive gadgets. When you run out, go refill. Use the sonar to mark targets. I have suggested before using the Five-Seven. It has 4 marks when upgraded. Even if you don't have execute status, mark people. That way you can still see the icon through walls and can move around easier knowing where they are. This level can be hard, but easier if you use your gadgets and abuse the weapon stash refill.

  • Complete CO-OP Story "St. Petersburg Banya" on any difficulty


    This is the first co-op level. You will find this very easy if both you and your partner (split-screen or online) have upgraded gadgets and weapons. If not, it's still passable. They let you revive eachother and the checkpoints in co-op are all seem very close to eachother.

  • Complete CO-OP Story "Russian Embassy" on any difficulty


    This level isn't too much trouble. After figuring out what co-op is all about, you'll be able to pass this one with ease as well!

  • Complete CO-OP Story "Yastreb Complex" on any difficulty


    This level gets a little trickier. It provides the closest thing to a boss that you'll see in the game. There is a big turret at the end that you must destroy by move a crate over it, and releasing with two controls on opposite sides. There is one challenge you will really want to work on that part specifically. The challenge is for killing 5 enemies while being downed. What you want to do is run to the turret and take a left trying your best to dodge everything (use EMP if you must). Once you get to a little staircase leading down into nothing, let yourself be downed and sit up. As your partner is in the middle still, killing enemies, more will respawn (two at a time). They will not notice you as they run by and you can shoot them in their backs. Retry for last checkpoint to give the challenge to your partner if needed.

  • Complete CO-OP Story "Modzok Proving Grounds" on any difficulty


    This is the last level that you have to do. It resembles the Echelon HQ level from the single player campaign. You must not alert any guards/cameras (this time you can shoot cameras) for the first area. Then you have to do tons of climbing around and going lower via stairs. You then have to do a lot of co-op type sequences where you move an EMP through various chambers. This level has possibly the worst checkpoint distances in the game. Once you complete it, you're done! If you have not gotten the co-op related challenges by this point, now is the time. Specifically killing 5 people while downed. At the end before raising the door, let your parter get downed and help him out with lots of EMP. He should be able to take out 5 people here, there are plenty. Afterwards you will go to the sequence for the "Survivor" achievement.

  • Take down Tom Reed

    In the White House mission, at the very end, kill Tom Reed. If you still need to spare him, skip the credits and go replay the mission on Rookie. You may try to hit the guide button or the start button right when the achievement unlocks in order to retry from last checkpoint. Depending when exactly it unlocks for you, it may already be too late, and you'll be forced to replay the level.

  • Allow Tom Reed to live

    Pick whichever one you wish. As soon as the achievement pops up, quickly press , load the last check point and do the opposite. Tom Reed himself is not missable.

  • Battle your CO-OP teammate and survive


    Co-op story related achievement. This one can be missed.

    At the end of the co-op story, you'll be tasked with killing your teammate. Survive (kill him) and the achievement is yours, if he kills you, he gets it.

DLC: Deniable Ops: Insurgency

There are 9 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Complete CO-OP "San Francisco, CA" mission on Rookie or Normal difficulty


    From the main menu, go to Deniable Ops or Coop & Multiplayer. Select how you will be playing your match. Pick Hunter game mode and hit  until you get to the first DLC map "San Francisco, CA". The difficulty you will want to play on is Realistic. You can play it on Normal or Rookie to get the achievement, but see "Team Congratz" for more details concerning Realistic. There are a total of 3 areas/waves you must pass.

  • Complete CO-OP "New Orleans, LA" mission on Rookie or Normal difficulty


    From the main menu, go to Deniable Ops or Coop & Multiplayer. Select how you will be playing your match. Pick Hunter game mode and hit  until you get to the second DLC map "New Orleans, LA". The difficulty you will want to play on is Realistic. You can play it on Normal or Rookie to get the achievement, but see "Team Congratz" for more details concerning Realistic. There are a total of 3 areas/waves you must pass.

  • Complete CO-OP "Portland, ME" mission on Rookie or Normal difficulty


    From the main menu, go to Deniable Ops or Coop & Multiplayer. Select how you will be playing your match. Pick Hunter game mode and hit  until you get to the third DLC map "Portland, ME". The difficulty you will want to play on is Realistic. You can play it on Normal or Rookie to get the achievement, but see "Team Congratz" for more details concerning Realistic.

  • Complete CO-OP "Salt Lake City, UT" mission on Rookie or Normal difficulty


    From the main menu, go to Deniable Ops or Coop & Multiplayer. Select how you will be playing your match. Pick Hunter game mode and hit  until you get to the fourth (last) DLC map "Salt Lake City, UT". The difficulty you will want to play on is Realistic. You can play it on Normal or Rookie to get the achievement, but see "Team Congratz" for more details concerning Realistic. There are a total of 4 areas/waves you must pass. The third area only has 1 enemy, but there is a lot of climbing involved.

  • Complete Deniable Ops: Insurgency on Realistic difficulty in Hunter or Infiltration game mode


    Insurgency is the name of the DLC content pack that you downloaded. It is not a word you will find in the menu system. Do not confuse this with a game mode, as it is being referenced as a whole (all levels in the content pack). Since you have to play all of the Hunter missions anyways, play them all on realistic. This way will save you time, but you can choose any mode you desire. Each level will have their own specific achievement (mostly for killing enemies in specific areas).

    You can do all of the levels over again on rookie to get those except for the fourth mission which requires cooperative on Realistic Mode. With these modes you may treat them just like the Last Stand maps (using all gadgets). If backup is called, you should have no trouble defeating them with explosions. Proximity mines are in the extras section if you'd like to try those out. With a cooperative partner these should only take you around 15-20 minutes each to complete.

  • In the "Crypt", perform (12) hand to hand takedowns without alerting other enemies


    Map: New Orleans, LA

    Area: 2

    This can be done by yourself or with a partner (online or split screen). After you pass the first area, you will be in the crypt. There are a total of 12 enemies to dispatch, and you must take them all out with hand to hand takedowns. You can feel free to use EMP grenades and EMP bursts. Pack your character with all gadget upgrades since you won't be using anything else.

    You can be detected by an enemy, but as long as you kill him before he calls backup you'll still be in good shape for the achievement. It's a lot easier with a partner, but you can do it solo. Notice in the video below how many errors and close calls there are. This achievement is very easy on rookie. If you wanted to, you could EMP every enemy with a cooperative partner (14 EMP type gadgets between you both!).

  • In the "Washroom", neutralize (18) enemies


    Map: Portland, ME

    Area: 2

    In the second area of the Portland, ME you will find a bathroom type area. This is the washroom. You have to intentionally have backup called and run to this room and kill the enemies that come in (18 total). There are pipes to climb on that will give you a good advantage. This must be done in one play.

    If you have a cooperative partner, your kills will be added together and you'll both receive the achievement. Lots of gadgets will help here! Remember to kill them when they are actually in the bathroom, and not just in the hallways leading in. Even the areas that look like they are in the bathroom aren't really in it according to the game. Make sure there are sinks, stalls, or showers around if you want to be sure.

  • n the first area of the "San Francisco, CA" map, neutralize (12) enemies inside containers


    Map: San Francisco, CA

    Area: 1

    You must kill (on any difficulty) 12 enemies on this map inside the various containers spread around. It's okay if backup is called, but it will be much harder if they are called earlier. This can be done solo. In the video below, it's shown what the containers look like and how things should be done. I had killed all enemies but 5, and then my partner came in and got a few. It gives both players the achievement. Take your time and be very careful. Shoot out lights as needed (as well as cameras). This achievement is not accumulative between retries.

  • Complete CO-OP "Under Construction" while shooting all the explosives in realistic difficulty


    Map: Salt Lake City, UT

    Area: 4

    The last area of the Salt Lake City map has a bunch of explosive canisters. You must trigger the backup for this achievement to unlock. I do not believe the fire extinguishers count, as most people having problems seem to have not triggered backup to begin with. If you want, you may shoot the fire extinguishers as well just in case. I have included them in the video if you need to know the locations. I will test my theory with another partner who has not gotten the achievement yet. The achievement unlocks after you kill the last enemy, so make sure you use sonar goggles a lot and use marks to make things easier.

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