No Stone Left Unturned Achievement in Tomb Raider

  • No Stone Left Unturned



    All documents, relics, and GPS caches found.

  • How to unlock No Stone Left Unturned

    These are collectibles in the game. You will eventually earn skills that unlock these on your map. You can utilize fast travel after you have completed the game to grab all of them. Always use  around areas as you go through them to find these glowing gold. You can put a waypoint on them on your map if you want as well, and they will be easier to find. There is one area (Cliffside Bunker) that cannot be fast traveled to but is still accessible by traveling on foot from the neighboring area (Shipwreck Beach). If all your fast travel locations say they're at 100% completion but the achievement hasn't popped yet, check there.

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  • Yay 3 different types of collectables.....
  • Yay 3 different types of collectables.....
  • Yay 3rd comment
  • looks boring :(
  • @4: True, they just wasted a few on breadcrumb achievements too. Pity.
  • They better show them on map or I am out.
  • @6 if you find the treasure maps for each camp, it shows the locations of them all.
  • I hate collectibles. In most games you collect these things only for the achievement, nothing else. Worthless.
  • I believe you get experience for finding stuff like this. Levels you up and makes you stronger. Maybe like farcry 3 with the letters and relics?
  • @7 Yup, and there is also a skill that shows all treasure maps and tomb entrances on the map as well.
  • @9 Yup, each one you find gives a little and upon completing the set you get large lump.
  • On this game you'll also unlock concept art for finding collectibles.
  • They show the collectibles on the map once you collect the treasure map for the relevant area its easy once you have the map and you can select on the map via GPS and it shows you where the collectible is ;)
  • This is going to be fun!
  • Incorrect #7, you find maps for each area/section. Some areas/sections have more than one camp. Also camps have really nothing to do with anything except its where u upgrade guns/fast travel/purchase skills.
  • Also all are eventually shown on map one way or the other (with lvl 3 skill purchase and then finding the map that gets you, or being near it and using instinct with the lvl 2 skill)
  • I thought raiding tombs and collecting relics was half the point of Tomb Raider?
  • Can someone tell me, when i get Laras Diary 10 of 10?? Haven't received it yet, but sat down on all camps. Do I get this one after the point of no return? Thanks alot
  • You get the last when you beat the game, don't worry :)
  • Thank you Sir!
  • aiming to collect all of the gps caches, document and relics is the best way to level up as every complete set of relics is worth 500 xp. also it is good to note that all documents cannot be aquired without first collecting all of the gps chaches.
  • Reall people? Complaining about collectables in a TOMB RAIDER game!? Remember when Tomb Raider had collectable BEFORE Achievements were even a thing?
  • They REALLY need to introduce a system where you can't comment on achievements until the game is released, you have to go through so much crap and speculation months before release FACTS are revealed. It's really annoying, seriously people, if you don't know what the achievement is, SHUT THE **** UP #22 Yeah, I'm not sure what these people are complaining about, the whole point of the original was to collect things.
  • can you keep on exploring after you beat the game?
  • Once you complete the game you can continue exploring all areas by fast traveling with fast travel campsites. (Tent Icon only sites fast travel, not the sticks and flames ones). All sites can be selected and the completion percentage seen as you cycle through them. THERE IS ONE, one site that does not show up on fast travel that has collectables as well. It's called "CLIFFSIDE BUNKERS" and has to be traveled to on foot. It's just below and slightly to the right of "SHIPWRECK BEACH" if you look at it in your in game map.
  • Just so everyone knows. If by chance you do not get all of Lara's video docs, which are chronicled under the "Documents" portion of the menu, you will still get the "No Stone Left Unturned" cheevo.
  • can anyone help me find the FAILED MISSION document, i think its one of the secret ones but i cant find it anywhere and its the last one i need :(
  • ahh my bad i just got the last relic and its with that :)
  • Is anyone else having trouble with this achievement. My Mountain Village is glitched and no matter how many times I uses the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer it will not pick up the campfire so my campfires are glitched at 4/5. FML
  • I love this game- anybody who shames this game because of the collectibles can screw off. The original games had them and that's what it was all about. Besides, in this game finding all the collectibles actually nets you more than a percentage complete. It gives you experience and in some places salvage to upgrade/mod your weapons. This game deserves GOTY, one thing that's pissing me off about this game though - read next comment.
  • I can't for the life of me find this one last relic... The game is glitched or something and I've seen nobody else have this problem. In one area of the game, can't remember the name right now though, there is this relic that appears on the mini map in one spot. And when you turn on your survival vision with a waypoint on it, it shows up completely it to be in a different location- this wouldn't bother me... Except it's not in any damn location. Has anybody had this problem or could refer me to somebody who has so I can finish this achievement. I am at 99% and need this one relic! Ill post a video link up later showing the exact problem I'm having.
  • I'm having the same issue #31. In the Research Lab. I have one relic left and when I set a waypoint it points me to the right direction and then when I get there it completely goes to a random spot on the map. If anyone knows what's going on please help.
  • Found it. It glitches. But I kept resetting the waypoint and just followed where it kept taking me and it eventually got me to the relic.
  • glitch on me shows i have all the collectables but no achievement f you game.
  • finally pop'd up after i beat the game
  • yo can someone please help me, I've got 99 percent on all the documents and relics but for the life of me I cannot find the second GPS secret location at all, does anyone know the location of both of them so I can try to find the 1 Im missing
  • can you still go from camp to camp after you beat the game?
  • This was a fun one.
  • Hey guys i found it for sure it is in cliffside bunker where you go down the rope to the endurance when you get the rope ascender from big black dude go back up the rope and its right there behind the rocks on the right on that cliff
  • that is the gps secret fail mission
  • Pretty easy really im going back now and doing it all, treasure map or frequently press LB [the higher up you are the better]
  • According to the base camp listings on the map I've found all of the relics, documents, and GPS caches at each location. However, I've not received the achievement. Are there more items than are listed on the map?
  • I got all of these and didnt get the achievement -_-
  • Fantastically easy to get this with a small amount of dedication to actually doing so. Love the GPS feature.
  • To those who havent gotten the achievement, there is an area that you cannot fast travel to called Cliffside Bunker that you access via Shipwreck Beach. Check out that area and you should get any that you are missing.
  • I have checked the whole map and I have all relics, documents and gps caches and no cheevo! Do u need to have the treasure maps too??? Help
  • This popped during the final cutscene when I beat the game for the first time.
  • Yeah I wish I'd known that the cheevo pops during the end cutscene! Wasted hours going all over the map trying to find if I missed something somewhere
  • I was indeed overlooking the Cliffside Bunker, thanks for pointing that out BunniRabbid.
  • Can you go back into the Geothermal Caverns at the end of the game? I feel like after those explosions you probably can't, but i missed one GPS.
  • #43, no u havent got all of them, if you did, you would have got the achievement Too many people around here say they have done something when they clearly haven;t
  • glad thats done with, thank god for the ppl posting bout the bunker
  • #52 Yes, you can. No matter what structure, bunker, bridge, etc. gets destroyed, you can always fast travel back to a location to collect missed items. They did a good job with that.
  • Fetch quest baby!
  • If anyone is still having the same problem as #31, just the waypoint is glitched. I found it by going back the the very beginning of the area and you have to use an explosion (grenade or explosive arrow) to take down a couple of destructible walls. The relic will be right behind the second wall.
  • Great cheevo!
  • Bless your soul, #46. That's exactly what happened. Impossible to travel there by campsite, gotta manually get there. Thank you. :)
  • I got all of the doc., relics, and GPS and the achievement never popped up. I got them all before I beat the game too. The only thing I didn't do is the callanges. I am soooo not happy -.-
  • Big thanks to #46 for the cliffside bunker tip. I just got the cheevo and Lara even gave me an old fashioned "ah ha" along with the old chime! That really took me back.
  • I feel like an idiot... I forgot about the cliffside bunker... I was missing one gps there and a document...
  • This seems to have glitched on me. I've got 100% in all areas, including Cliffside Bunker, but the achievement hasn't popped. I've check both via the camps menu and looking directly at the map of each area, and every area has 100%. Pretty pissed off seeing as I went through a lot of effort to do this and I'm now at the "Point of No Return".
  • You have to go past the point of no return because you are missing a Lara diary that you get at the end of the game
  • If all of these actually added anything to the game, then I'd be all for this cheevo. Screw the GPS caches and glitched relic in the research lab! This sucks, and with that conversation achievement, I'm not even going to try for the full G.
  • I went searching for all this stuff after i got to the fast travel at chasm monastery, but you can go back and 100% the game once you've completed it.
  • I can't get gps at the Mountain Village as its showing it's there on my map but when I go there - well there's nothing there - stupid glitch - the one above the big door on the roof --Ahhhhhhhhh here's the coordinates - if anybody knows a fix please let me know - Thanks 53N: 712462 UTM: 3416182
  • Figured it out - just keep playing story mode to shantytown then fast traveled back & there it was all flashy & shinning for me lol
  • I Got all the documents, lerics and gps but still no achievement
  • anyone know if i can still get this achievement if i missed a treasure map? Theres one in those bloody caverns with all the gas and when you make the crate slide down you cant reach the treasure map anymore. Should i continue or just start a new file?
  • I liked the perk that shows you all of them

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