Scrounger Achievement

  • Scrounger



    5000 pieces of salvage collected.

    As you play through the game, you will be collecting a lot of salvage. It's best to invest quickly into the skills that allow you to get more. These are located in the survivor skill set. You will want to get Advanced Salvaging and Bone Collector. Loot every enemy and get a decent amount of hunting done when available. You need the salvage to upgrade your weapons and equipment.

  • Sounds like it will take a long time. I hope not!
  • A quick guide on how to get this achievement and many others during your first playthrough. This achievement does not take long... just loot everyone and purchase the upgrades which gives you more salvage from enemies.
  • Dose MP count for this or just SP?
  • Got this less than half way through the single player campaign. Not difficult at all. Took me longer to get the 'Picky' achievement.
  • Do you have to have this at one time? Or does it take into account the amount spent?
  • I have this achievement (from quite early on I think), and had, I thought, grabbed every bit of salvage in the game possible, but I didn't get enough to fully upgrade all my weapons by the end of the game :/ Does anyone know any solutions for this or anywhere that re-spawns salvage? Do you keep your upgrades at all if you start a new game?
  • Takes into account the amount spent and you can go to area's where enemies respawn and kill them or go kill wolves and get the salvage from there bodies.
  • I think in order to do this youre gonna have to kill a ton of animals. I dont believe there is anywhere near 5,000 crates to find in the game... unless maybe its 5,000 total salvage?
  • #6, if you have run out of salvage, go to the first campsite and run around the area where the deer are. They keep appearing and net 20 salvage each time. That is how I got my final few upgrades.
  • Absolute easiest way to do this is put your talent into the survival category and that way you get extra salvage from loots and crates.
  • I got 5000 pieces salvaged and I was three quarter into the game. I upgraded my skillset so I can get the most salvage out of everything and everyone I loot. I ran around finding as much stuff I could on the first playthrough.
  • I have played it through once but not got this one yet.....looks like its deer farming for me!
  • Got this naturally. #13, you must not have looted much not to get it.
  • 5k at once or total over time?
  • The achievement is cumulative so feel free to spend your salvage.

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