Clever Girl Achievement

  • Clever Girl



    Purchased all skills in one category.

    See the "Lethal" achievement description.

  • Jurassic Park? Man i hope they don't have dinosaurs in this game.
  • Nope, no dinosaurs.
  • How long before we get a achievement like this for having a achievement in another game called Clever Girl?
  • #3 I was just thinking that. Wasn't this title used in a Halo game and just recently in Crysis 3?
  • Oh my god! Please not dinosaurs!
  • @4 it was also used in dead space 2 as well
  • A quick guide on how to get this achievement and many others during your first playthrough. For this achievement just build up plenty of experience by finding collectables and getting headshots etc.. you'll soon be able to buy all the upgrades
  • It's a reference to "The Silence of the Lambs". More specifically, it's a Dr. Hannibal Lecter quote.
  • #9 - I was just thinking that! :D
  • #9 - It's actually from Jurassic Park. Muldoon says it just before he is killed by the raptors
  • @11 silence of the lambs was before jurassic park. :)

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