Lethal Achievement

  • Lethal



    Purchased all skills in all categories.

    Skills can be purchased as you progress through the game as you gain experience and level up. You buy these skills at the campsites. There are 3 tiers of skills, and you unlock them as you purchase the ones in the tier you have. There are a total of 24 skill to obtain and you must be at the skill level Specialist. There are only 3 categories: Survivor, Hunter, and Brawler.

  • i got this after completing the game and going on to collect all of the relics, documents and gps chaches as each complete set of relics nets a bonus 500 xp which boosts the skill points
  • http://youtu.be/8_AHLNf7ZdA A quick guide on how to get this achievement and many others during your first playthrough. For this achievement just build up plenty of experience by finding collectables and getting headshots etc.. you'll soon be able to buy all the upgrades
  • If you still need this achievement post-endgame, here is a video showing an easy way to farm XP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWhSfD0K79A

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