Now We're Getting Serious Achievement

  • Now We're Getting Serious



    One weapon fully modded and completely upgraded.

    See the "The Professional" achievement description.

  • Has anyone got this yet? I have the Axe, Bow, Pistol, SMG and Shotgun. All are fully upgraded (each screen shows x/x parts upgraded) but I havent got either of the XBL acheivements.
  • Forget it. Even thought the screen show 6/6 upgrades for example, there may be 9 to find - I just haven't collected them yet. Ive only upgraded the ones I have found.
  • i need 1 part for the bow and can't find it. This is BS. I just keep back tracking and nothing is around. It is glitched all to hell, half the time the areas in vanish and I'm walking int the damn air
  • Try completing all optional tombs or something. That's what I did.

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