The Professional Achievement

  • The Professional



    All weapons fully modded and completely upgraded.

    There are only 4 weapons in the game that you can upgrade. The Bow, Shotgun, Rifle, and Handgun. There are several upgrades for each weapon and you have to gain a lot of salvage in order to upgrade everything. You can only start fully upgrading weapons as you find "parts" for them. The parts seem random and as you loot things and fallen enemies you will randomly pick them up.

  • loot every dead enemy and salvage crate and box that you see as you will need it, i was strugling towards the end to find anything however when i found the remaining gps chaches i had to find the game gave me 1200 salvage which was enough for the upgrades remaining. make sure all weapon parts are also collected to 100% each gun.
  • Damit! I just finished the game and i am short by 500. I picked up everything i could find, finished every tomb, collected every doc/gps/relic. Urgggggg. This sucks
  • #2 Same thing happened to me but I was short 800 salvage. Just go back to the first area in the game and kill every deer and rabbit and skin them. You get around 10 to 20 salvage for every deer. They keep respawning so you shouldn't have a problem. :D
  • cheers for that tip, I'm having the same issue
  • just finished it :) I had 725 to go, that first area is a really good place for it, I was ignorant and didn't even realise animals gave you salvage before :P. Didn't take nearly as long as I expected it to either! yayyy
  • Aside from missing the odd salvage crate here and there I can't see any way to get more. I'm about 1450 short. Already hunted the first area out, so only get like 2 salvage per animal and no more seem to be spawning anyways. Only other spot I can see that's decent for hunting is the Shipwreck Beach but it's so rare to find anything but a few seagulls. I'm worried I won't be able to make that last thousand or so. Seems like the only way to get this is to get all of the salvage upgrades as early as you possibly can, and hunt a lot along the way.
  • I'm at the final fast travel camp and about 400 short. Back to the forest to kill ever little creature I see! I looted everything that I could and went back to the mountain village to loot there. Be sure to loot every enemy as well as take the time to figure out how to get every hanging crate.
  • 500 short of last upgrade. No enemies. Fucks sake.............
  • I am not sure if anyone has ran into this problem but I may never be able to get this achievement. before I knew u could earn the pistol burst and pistol silencer in the game by collecting salvage, I had purchased them on XBL as an addon. Now pay in mind my gun is complete all the way even with the add ons, but my gun still says 80% completed. Now I still have to finish up the other weapons, but clearly the pistol has all parts purchased. And I can't figure out why it says the 80% complete. Also another problem I am having is that with this gun I will not be able to get this achievement even if i start a new game. The reason for this is because when I downloaded the ADDON,it never actually appeared on my storage device. I even called xbox live about this. There has to be a way to remove th
  • there has to be a way to remove the addon from my system. Or at least still be able to get the achievement even with the addons. A little help on this problem is much appreciated..
  • the first area worked for me a little time consuming but effective
  • After looting most enemies & grabbing as much salvage through campaign as I could, I ended up 300 short. Going to the forest to shoot deer was a quick, easy way to get that. They respawn quickly & drop anywhere from 15-75 salvage--at least in my case.
  • Just kidding, I meant to say--15 for salvage, 75 for XP. Sighh.
  • To anyone stuck with Handgun at 80%... Especially to #10! Make sure you've completed all the optional tombs to find all gun parts. I was also stuck with handgun on 80% thinking I'd completed everything. Then realized I hadn't finished the 'Tomb Of The Handmaidens' at Shipwreck Beach. (You have to revisit it after unlocking the Rope Ascender; that's why I'd missed it.) Completing this gave me the final parts to let me upgrade from Tactical Pistol to Magnum Pistol. If you're unsure if you have this, go to any camp and go to upgrade your handgun. Count the ticks. If there are only 8 and not 10 then you need the final gun parts!
  • On my file, in the first level, the deer stopped respawning, even when I fast traveled and then went back, hopefully I can counter this by Dashboarding then going back into the game.
  • The only issue I have with this achievement is that you shouldn't have to grind so much of it to upgrade all of your weapons. Because by the time you get all your weapons upgraded, there are no more enemies. So it's almost pointless.
  • I have a problem with this cause somehow my last bow part didn't save after a system shutdown. Does anyone know if I can go back after 100% completion of everything else and find my final bow part to do the final upgrades on it. Thanks in advance
  • ok after many hours of running around and looking for my missing 30% bow upgrade im very very sure this one is missable or bugged i dont know why but i cant find the fucking last 30% of my bow ... its so f**** frustrating
  • well was just a bug dont know why but i got it after
  • I was able to wrap up my last 1200 needed salvage in Shipwreck Beach and Shanty Town. Check everywhere and you'll find enemies do respawn. I had a group of 12 on shipwreck beach. that helped a lot. this was my 4th time through the game, and I know i didn't miss a single crate. Just bad luck on what i got from mobs. Good luck guys.

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