Tastes Like Chicken! Achievement

  • Tastes Like Chicken!



    10 small animals killed and looted.

    You will start finding animals that count towards this achievement very early on. They spawn frequently and you can revisit areas later that have them. The below list are the types of animals that count towards this achievement, though you'll likely get them all off of Rabbits though Crabs are easier to hit you won't encounter them until the second half of the game. Just remember that after you kill them, you must go loot them or it will not count.

    • Rabbit
    • Chicken
    • Rat
    • Crab
  • I got this killing chickens. They're much slower and easier to kill than the rabbits. I didn't bother with the rats because I already had this achievement by the time I saw them.
  • The crabs on the beach will go toward this as well. Slow buggers, easy to pick off.

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