Feather Duster Achievement

  • Feather Duster



    10 flying animals killed and looted.

    You will start finding animals that count towards this achievement very early on. They spawn frequently and you can revisit areas later that have them. The below list are the types of animals that count towards this achievement. Just remember that after you kill them, you must go loot them or it will not count. This can be tough sometimes with birds since they can be in spots you cannot reach. You can kill them while they are on the ground or flying, and with any weapon. To save ammo, you can kill them with Rope Pull when you learn it. 

    • Crows
    • Seagulls
  • "One day: The cock of the walk, the next: A feather duster." It's a famous line from one of the Mad Max movies, might originate from one of Australia's Prime Minsters.
  • This One Was So Fun.
  • Do chickens count?
  • only flying animals i've seen r crows. r they the only 1s who count or do chickens count too even though they can't fly?
  • answering my own question. chickens count as small animals.
  • @5 yes. chickens count as small animals.Crows and gulls are the only flying animals in the game.
  • It was a joke chickens cant fly...
  • If anyone is struggling with this, fast travel to Sheltered Ridge, then head north and around the only real way to go, 3 crows always spawn in the middle of the path. You can take one out, walk to the hut/waterfall, head back towards Sheltered Ridge and two of them will be back. Fast travelling away and back causes them to respawn.
  • Shipwreck Bay is it? Tonnes of Gulls spawn all the time here.
  • lol chickens.. No. Shipwreck Bay I got this sea gulls. Keep in mind you need to shoot them in the air. I shot a few that where sat on the beech they just disappear and cannot be looted.
  • "Keep in mind you need to shoot them in the air." Total bollocks. As long as you kill the bird and 'loot' the corpse it's fine.
  • use explosive arrow at sheltered ridge killed 4 of them and got the acheivement

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