Predator Achievement

  • Predator



    50 enemies killed with the bow.

    The bow is the first weapon you get. Ammo shouldn't be too much of an issue, especially considering when you fast travel, the ammo respawns. There is also a skill that allows you to gather the arrows back off the bodies of dead enemies. You should try to stack this with unaware kills and headshots. Getting kills resulting in explosions (like fire arrows in oil) do not count. The arrow must be the shot that is the killing blow. The bow is in the  slot and you can choose your arrow type there when you get the option.

    Note: You cannot reload checkpoints to gain extra kills towards your stats. These must all be done on unique enemies.

  • A quick guide on how to get this achievement and many others during your first playthrough. For the weapons achievements always go for headshots as they are one hit kills. As you unlock each weapon, stick with it until you get the achievement then change to your weapon of choice.
  • Can you do these achievements in multiple playthroughs or do they have to be done in one?

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