Widowmaker Achievement

  • Widowmaker



    40 enemies killed with the shotgun.

    The shotgun is in the  slot and is obtained in the temple area. It is a weapon you will need to shoot certain obstacles to get collectibles and to survive certain situations. It is effective when killing, so you should have no trouble getting this achievement.

    Note: You cannot reload checkpoints to gain extra kills towards your stats. These must all be done on unique enemies.

  • Anyone having issues with this one? I've killed well over 40 enemies with the shotty and not got the bloop bloop =(
  • It may only pop on Normal or Hard and not Easy. I made sure i was on Normal when i started as most games have it so you cant get them on easy. I however haven't got it but i didn't use my Shotgun hardly as all.
  • I'm on easy and I just unlocked it
  • I too have waaaaay more than 40 and still no chieve
  • did this game get updated at all since its release? i noticed the respawn rate is pretty bad after you beat the game, which i found frustrating ):-
  • I spent hours scrounging around for lefter over bad guys but I finally got it after going into the Geothermal caverns and shooting "the unholy ones" in their cages. Also i think shooting the wolves in their cages counts too.
  • Thats a easy achiev
  • This achievement is one of four achievements that's glitched and won't pop. I've killed endless numbers of enemies with the shotgun. Well over 40 - must be around 100 by now - yet it hasn't popped.

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