Epic Fumble Achievement

  • Epic Fumble



    Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed two people.


    In Shantytown, you will start to see enemies who throw dynamite. To obtain this, you must get a total of 2 kills with the dynamite that is dropped. It's best to shoot the enemy throwing it in the body so that you don't kill him by accident. You can also use the rope pull if you are worried about it. Focus on getting this after a section or two after you first see the dynamite being thrown. There are some obvious spots that it will work, but others are too spread out. Remember you can always reload checkpoints.

  • http://youtu.be/-DO69SsMjcA Best place to do this is when you meet the scottish guy and dynamite is thrown at you in the cut scene. Leave the guy on the alarm and people will keep appearing. Wait until one of the enemies is about the throw some dynamite and then shoot it out of his hand.
  • I was sooooo lucky with this achievement. I unlocked just randomly in a shooting.
  • #1 i find this method ALOT easier, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FZRvchSqDs also make sure u shoot the dynamite OFF HIS HAND makes it alot easier.
  • When the solarii palace is burning down, after a cutscene of Lara getting a book and the map to rescue Sam, you will come up with 2 guys behind cover across the building. Watch the guy on the left, shoot him when he is about to throw the dynamite, killing both of them. Cheevo unlock
  • This shit popped when I was focused on surviving a horde of enemies. I literally have no idea what the hell that I did, but it popped, so I'm happy!
  • You don't have to survive the blast. Run in and melee the dyno-dude amidst his buddies, and you'll likely get it.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWybLBe6hFI *Achievement/Trophy Hunters*
  • I did it like how #4's video is. Just be patient and wait for the guy in the back to go the left side and toward the guy throwing dynamite. Still took me 8 tries
  • They should rename this "butt fumble"
  • after being told to climb ladder in shantytown to meet grim, when alarm starts, just shoot any of the dyno throwers.

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