Get Over Here! Achievement

  • Get Over Here!



    5 enemies rope pulled off edges.

    You will learn how to use the rope pull eventually in the story. Once you know it, you can aim your bow at enemies and press  to shoot out a roped arrow. You can then pull them towards you. The enemy must be close to an edge/ledge and fall to their death. You can gain the first couple right after the tutorial. The rest can easily be obtained in Shanty town as long as you pay attention and use this ability on any enemy close to a ledge.

    Note: This must be done to different enemies. You cannot reload checkpoint and repeat this over and over again on the same enemy.

  • The name of this achievement makes me smile!
  • Finish him! :)
  • At no point in the game does it tell you you have the ability to do this. By the time I realised it was too late.
  • Scorpion - Mortal Kombat @3 moment u have rope arrows it's kinda obvious
  • @3 I agree. I had no idea I could do this until I went through and read the achievements I had left to do.
  • Yeah still no clue what this is
  • The picture for this achievement is not correct. It should be this one:
  • Can this be done in MP?
  • @8 - No, campaign only. @3 - So, when you got the on-screen directions to use the rope arrows for the first time, you didn't happen to try it on the 3 guards all on towers right there? Just not a curious player, are you?
  • @9 I was a derp and didn't think about that either. Now I'm looking for 3 more guys, as the game basically hands you two later down the line. So yeah, if I had gotten those 3 on those towers earlier, I would have it by now. -sigh- Try try again.
  • @9 I didn't think to try it either. You're trying to be stealthy. Why take a guy off a ledge with rope when he can scream and get attention of other guards when you can just shoot him in the face with an arrow and he won't make any sound at all? Another dumb achievement.
  • Is there a way to get this ach. if you have already beaten the game?
  • Yea, I didn't know u could do this either. If I did, I would have this chieve right now.
  • For those of you who still need this one, head back to Shantytown. There are plenty of ledges and rooftops.
  • Where is best to get this when you have finished the story? Getting the Former Adventurer was a right ball ache!!
  • Scorpion wins! Fatality!
  • I've been trying to do this. They all keep dodging me though >.>
  • If they have armor they cannot be pulled? This is crap.
  • ive been trying this ever since i got the rope and wondered what happens when you shoot it at an enemy. it just doesnt seem to pull them far enough though, i have to do it multiple times before i can pull 1 guy off. there arent enough enemies just standing next to edges.
  • shout out too my ninja scorpion..! get over here
  • You can get this after the plane crashes just before you get to the co captain. 21% in the game
  • I got this in Shanty Town post game. Fast travel to helicopter hill. On the right straight ahead is a tall tower. Make your way there and you will hear two enemies talking. Climb to the top and they will be there. They will detect you as soon as you get to the top. Create a zip line and then go down it. If done fast enough one of the enemies will stay at the ledge and shoot arrows at you. You can then pull him down and get a rope pull kill. Now either go back to the camp and fast travel back or you can make the enemies respawn by moving away from the area. If one guy is alive he will retreat back to his spawn post. You can get all five kills doing it this way.
  • @23: been there, nobody's home, zip line si already there but no enemy spawn...
  • I had the two guys spawn there and shot them down so many times, I thought it was broken. Then they stopped spawning, tried different times, loading other areas and coming back. Nothing. Had to download a save file off the net to get the guys to spawn, even then I killed more than enough via headshots and making them fall. So my guess is it's a little broken, but would recommend going for the headshots and not leaving the area till the achievement pops.
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  • If you do start the campaign again, best way to get this achievement is right after you get to the Shanty Town. You will have to get a Medkit for the Helicopter. After the cut scene when Lara cauterizes (burns) her wound on her side, there will be a battle. Right after you blow up the 3 enemies on the ground you can take cover on the top of the hill. Then if you take out the covers of the enemy with Incendiary arrows, the enemy will be forced to come toward you. The only way they can get to you is a little bridge to the right going into a little shack. If you wait for the enemy to cross, you can use your rope to pull them off the bridge that leads to their death. If you mess up, you can always restart from last checkpoint that brings you to the beginning of the fight. Good Luck.
  • I thought I'd chip in here with a little bit of help on how I finally got this post-game. I found nothing in Shantytown enemy-wise so I looked elsewhere. I found three enemies at the Village Overlook camp in the Mountain Village. If you run past the first enemy that spawns next to the camp and go down the zipline, you can easily get a kill from the ground. There should be two enemies across the bridge, so run past them and go down the next zipline. Once you land, turn around and drop to the ground and you can get two more kills from there.
  • The first two i think i got for this was actually really late and not until I was on my way into the research base from shipwreck beach.

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