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    10 enemies shot off zip lines.

    Enemies can go on zip lines, and will do so when rushing to attack you. Shoot them on their way to instantly kill them. This achievement will not count the enemies that are already dropping when you shoot them. They must be actually on the line. When you get to sections where there are many enemies on zip lines, kill as many as you can. This will be very difficult to get post-campaign or from re-visiting areas later. If you miss a lot, go ahead and just reload your checkpoint and try again.

    Note: This must be done to different enemies. You cannot repeat this over and over again on the same enemy.

  • You have to be darn quick to do this. I estimate there were about 15-18 enemies who zip-lined in the whole game and if you blick you will miss it. It doesn't seem to work if you die after taking them out and repeat either. Now I've finished the main story there is pretty much no hope of getting this.
  • Yeah, there are a few enemies here and there once you complete the game but they are scarce, and in most areas disappear completely once you've taken the 2nd wave out on a return visit to an area. I wonder if this achievements' count carries over to a new game?
  • As #2 asked, can anyone confirm whether this has to be in one playthough or if it's cumulative to your overall profile?
  • Has anyone killed 10 in multiplayer? It doesn't say single player after all.
  • There is a separate achievement for doing this in multiplayer... I fell like I might be only like 1 or 2 off, but I completed the game and I can't find any enemies that use the ziplines after the game is complete.
  • if you hsve cleared the game is there anywhere the enemy will still use ropes to slide i can revisit to try and get the remaining ones
  • @#6 So far, I've only seen two enemies use a zip line since I completed the game. Both were in Shanty Town near the gondola. I'm going through each level to collect everything and enemies have been pretty scarce so far. What weapon do you guys think is best for this achievement? It is one of the only ones I will need to get on my next playthrough. I'm guessing the rifle or shotgun will be the easiest.
  • Ok this does NOT work in multiplayer, and should anyone come upi with a good spot for this AFTER game finishing the game would help alot. It was a good game but I really dont want to have to go through it again.
  • A good spot to rack up a few is the Base Exterior, right after you get the rifle. There are some melee guys that will jump on the zip lines to charge you if you don't kill them. I got 4 before encountering the shield enemy.
  • I finished the game without completing this achievement and the chatterbox achievement. I spent a little time trying to find enemies on ziplines after the game was complete, but not much luck. I started a new game and it only took me a couple hours to get both of the achievements. I recommend just restarting and just running through it as quick as possible.
  • Best way to get this achievement... there are very few ziplining enemies toward the end of the game. You should have this achievement by the time you leave Shantytown. Right after you first talk to Grim there will be a a shootout and halfway through the enemies will attach ropes for ziplines. Take out your shotgun and just wait for them to come across the lines. Very easy to pick off. I believe you can get 6 out of the 10 right here. After this fight you have to climb up and ride the gondolas. When you get off of them there will be another battle. Right here there is at least another 6 if not more enemies riding the ziplines. If you miss more than one on either of these two parts I recommend restarting the checkpoint just to be safe. That is all!
  • The hell? I've been getting loads of ziplining enemies on my playthrough. Then again that might be because I've been playing on hard difficulty. (Mainly cause I thought there was an achievement for beating the game on hard, lol whoops.)
  • I've heard if you die at any time or restart a checkpoint your counter gets reset to 0. Seems abit harsh but can anyone confirm that.
  • Spoiler Alert---------- Here's a good tip I just figured out.. As we know the game auto saves all the time and you are basically screwed for being able to go back and restart a level if you miss some of these guys. You can definitly reload checkpoints as has been suggested, as You want to get this in shanty town when you right after you see Grimm, and the trying to get across to him. What I did was before I started the first part after you talk to Grimm from below with all the dynamite and about 6 guys on zip lines, I hit the start button, and then selected Change Save Slot. This basically gives you a save point at the point in the game when you do this. Then your subsequent saves go to the next save slot, and your previous one stays at where you were before you changed slots. This a
  • The last point you can get this is when riding the gondola down to Shipwreck Beach I think - if you don't have it by then you can write it off for the playthrough as there aren't any more after that point. People dropping from the ceiling don't seem to count either, I was shooting them in the final room in the base towards the end of the game thinking they might but sadly no luck.
  • The whole thing about your counter "resetting" if you die is confirmed as false. I had this achievo pop immediately after I died and then killed two guys off ziplines. There are a few places to get easy kills. The sequence when climbing up to the radio tower has some really obvious opportunities. Shantytown has several as well where they are really easy and plentiful. Also the "boat in the sky" sequence has many as soon as you get on the boat itself. A bit harder here because of the angle, but one shot generally makes them pop off the line and register as a kill, even if the shot itself isn't fatal (This is where I got the achievo to pop). If you see a dude zipline, and you miss it, then suicide so you can kill them. Usually, if at least one guy is ziplining, then several other
  • Best way to do this if you already beat the game is to use the guide at I did feel like I killed more than 10 but I still got the achievement after using this trick.
  • #18 was right on! I was able to get this achievement and the one for pulling guys off the ledge with the rope arrows at this same spot. Thanks so much!
  • Looks like this achievement is glitched! I was sure to get over 10 in the Campaign and after finish I retried in Shantytown, used the video postet from # 18! Also after clearing the Cache, nothing.... looks like i have to start a new run!
  • #18 was dead on, just got this thanks to that tip. Dying reset the counter for me, so don't miss the zipline down. The main trick was getting them to zipline down instead of heading around to the side. I found that the hot tip was running right up to them until they switch to swords, then jump on the zipline. It doesn't work every time, but it seemed to go better than otherwise.
  • First: While you can't cheat it by reloading the game and killing the same guys, death and checkpoint reload do NOT break the string. As long as it's in one playthrough, you're good. There are an easy four or so to pick off at the radio tower. There are a couple of other opportunities for one or two before Shantytown, but you should get this in Shantytown. First, the 2-2-3 right after you get to Grimm. These are really easy, so reload if you don't get them all. I only had 9 after that was done. Then right after you take the gondolas around, in the fight just before Grimm's death, you'll have about 6-8 more opportunities to kill zipliners coming to you. It popped for me after the first one of these. There's another section after shantytown where guys zip onto your large gondola, bu
  • i was so mad when i missed this. wish they'd respawn more
  • just got 6 off after seeing Grim 1st time,pretty sure I got a couple earlier.pistol seems like the best gun to use,more precise I think.
  • IMHO...this is the hardest cheevo in the game...just try and get a few zip kills early on when going to send the SOS...then you should get this in Shanty Town no prob...if you are 1 or 2 short there is one last opportunity during the gondola ride down to the beach...keep county and try and get 2-3 before Shanty Town...then go for 3-4 each encounter when enemies are zipping down...reload checkpoints if needed...
  • This video helps Ok, so this is how it worked for me. Ive completed the game, walked to that tower (havent got zip line before attached), and attached zip line. On the top of the tower there was 2 enemies just like in the video. So i was doing excactly the same like in this video. I killed maybe 20 without dying and nothing. Then i stardet aiming for headshots. I killed 10 times and cheevo popped up. So u have to aim for headshots to kill them while they are on the rope, not killing by the fall!
  • Dang, #27 is right. Wasted a lot of time trying to do this with body hits, because I thought the whole shooting-off-zipline thing was about hits that wouldn't be fatal otherwise. But I just kept running into weird glitches when doing this on the two respawning guys in Shanty Town. Maybe it has been patched intentionally in order to get rid of this easy exploit. So just go to the same location as in the video but aim your arrows high to get the "killer headshot" type of kill, and after 5-10 minutes the achievement is yours.
  • Don't Stress! Just unlocked. I didn't make it in the course of the story - but followed #18's tip and went back to Shanty Town. I was keeping track of kills and headshot kills separately trying to get either one to 10 before dying by missing the stupid zip-line and plummeting to my death. I got up to 5 kills and 3 headshot kills the first time. Finally it unlocked when I only got up to my second headshot kill (meaning it must have been adding all of my attempts). The moral is that this is easily achievable by anyone by going to Shanty Town after they complete the game and focusing on head shots exclusively. It doesn't even matter if you keep dying at that point - they will all count. Now I just hope the rumors of the General not counting towards buying all the characters anymore are tr
  • I just want to throw another comment into the ring to help those completing this after beating the game. I was able to get it using the strategy in #18 (Here's the youtube link again: ). The enemies always respawned for me, even without fast traveling. I simply went in a circle, ziplining up to them, baiting them down, shooting them, and repeating. I can't for sure say if dying resets the counter, since I did die once when missing the zipline down, and it DID take more than 10 zipline kills for this to pop. I suspect however, that this achievement may require headshots on the zipliners, since it didn't pop for me until I started consistently going for headshots. This strategy also worked for "Get Over Here!"
  • Has to be done in one playthrough. Don't wait till after the game is over to do it.
  • They didn't respawn for me. :( Maybe they did patch it. Guess I should remove the update, take the lan cable out of my xbox and restart the campaign. Got all SP achievements except for this one.
  • Need headshots!
  • This achievement is seriously glitched. I spent over 2 hours in Shantytown (after game completion) shooting the respawning enemies off the zipline. Must have got over 100, yet the achievement never popped for me. All out of ideas.
  • This and the arrow/rope pull and the counters are semi- missable, really. I got the counter attack thing last, as I was more interested in staying away from enemies, so I'd completed the game before getting those 3 achievies! Played on for a bit but saw no one. Moved on.
  • Can anyone confirm it MUST be head shots coming down from the zip line?
  • The method shown in the video in #27 works. However, this achievement doesn't seem to count kills with arrows, at least for me. I had a few zipline kills during the campaign but nowhere close to 10. Started doing #27 method and killed over 20 with arrows, no achievement. Switched to my rifle, got the achievement after 8 more kills (so, I must have had 2 in the campaign that counted).
  • Just attained Dead Eye - no glitch, no skullduggery, only focused energy of cognition requisite... The terminal grimmest "Grim" engagement is relevant, here...
  • The glitch or whatever it is mentioned in #18 can break. It broke on me and the guys wouldn't appear any longer. All of a sudden three enemies appeared and then two of them fought the third, this happened twice and once they died they never reappeared.

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