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  • Former Adventurer



    25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter.

    To use a dodge counter, you must first obtain the skill through the Brawler skill tree. There are upgrades for this, but you don't have to worry about not being able to get the achievement if you upgrade. They still count. To use this skill, when a melee enemy attacks you, press  to dodge, and then the  when prompted. 

    Note: This must be done to different enemies. You cannot repeat this over and over again on the same enemy.

  • This is glitchy. I've incapcitated over a 100 guys, did block kills, dodge arrow kills, dodge gun kills and it still hasn't unlocked. Hopefully someone can clarify this.
  • I think the achievement wants us to incapacitate enemies. i guess that'll mean you would have to dodge and put an arrow in someones knee twice and leave them
  • I've tried. Lara always busts the same knee. I did it to one guy 10 times and he still kept getting up.
  • Yeah I noticed that too. I just got the achievement though. What I did was doing te counter until I got the prompt for Y to kill them and did that. Unlocked after a bit
  • I've done the arrow in the throat 50 X now. However, reading the achievement description, it does say incapacitate 25 enemies. So i assume killing them is now good. I think on my next play through, i'll learn the dodge counter skill, but NOT the dodge kill or dodge kill mastery skills. See if that works.
  • Really? Another Skyrim reference achievement?
  • all of you's r missing the KEY word in the description. Dodge Counter. not dodge kill. do not add a point into Dodge Kill till u got this achievement or u will never get. she has to shove an arrow into a guy's knee to count as a Dodge Counter. this makes him set up for a finishing blow move.
  • There not missing anything I've done this to loads of enemies and no achievement, just using dodge counter its glitchy
  • Once they are down can you finish them off? I have gotten I believe 25+ down but then I finish them with either the rock to the face or with my machine gun mastery. Am I supposed to just leave them?
  • i done 10 and there are no enemies left does it carry over ?
  • I was a Scavenger like you once, then I took an arrow to the knee
  • This is not glitchy and you you can have the Dodge Kill ability it doesnt matter. Dodge Kill is just an upgraded form of Dodge Counter that allows you to kill certain weaker enemies. Larger tougher enemies still get incapacitated in the same way as a Dodge Counter. Finishing them off afterwards also does not matter as the achievement is only to stick an arrow through their knee. If you see the animation of her sticking an arrow through their knee it counts. Some enemies have armor on their legs and you will notice that performing a Dodge Counter only knocks off their armor and does not actually stick an arrow through their knee. This does not count. For anyone thinking this achievement is glitched keep in mind kills do not carry over after death meaning if you get 3 or 4 Dodge Counters and
  • @10 If youve finished the game and continue to play there will still be enemies. Usually 3 or 4 at a time. You should have no problem finishing this achievement.
  • ... continuing #12 (not sure why it cut me off) If you get 3 or 4 Dodge Counters and die it will be reset to 0 when you respawn. I acquired this achievement long after I purchased both Dodge Kill skills.
  • Pretty sure it is arrows to both legs to keep them down. I'd been doing it all game and nothing had popped, but it was mostly one leg, then kill. Started doing both legs and I got it. Of course, by late game the guys are a bit tougher, so they do sometimes get up from only two hits and need more.
  • Can you do any of the combat achievements after you complete the story, because I have this one to do and the zip line kill one? Someone p,ease let me know, or do I have to do another play through?
  • if you press Y perfectly after the dodge you get the skull and laura kills the enemy. if you don't time it perfectly she will put the arrow into their knee. on one of the shield enemies i kept putting the arrow into his knee and letting him get up. i did it 30+ straight times and nothing. i've also easily killed 25 guys with the perfect timing after dodge. the only thing i haven't done is tried killing them after i incapacitate them by pressing y. either its broken achievement or broken description. either way a fail.
  • Ok so Ive dont this a total of 76 times and still no achievement, and yes im doing it right. My main problem is finding enemies to kill lol
  • @12/14 You are spot on man. Follow this advice and your solid. Although in theory, it is easier to get it before you purchase dodge kill, because then you won't kill the weaker enemies, but incapacitate them instead. Which just ads to your count. Big enemies are around, but not as common as weaker enemies. Just a thought. I to got this achivo well after I purchased both dodge kill skills. It was just a matter of going through enough heavily armored enemies.
  • @17, you are the only one who fails, you have to incapacitate 25 DIFFERENT enemies... not the same guy 25 times, doesn't work that way, also, you can have the kill ability and will still be able to do this... its very simple... stab 25 different guys in the knee= profit
  • I hadn't unlocked this achievement on game completion. I continued the game and entered Shantytown and found around 10 enemies, all wearing leg armour. I equipped the bow and did the dodge counter on all of them (first one knocked the armour off, second one incapaciated) then i finished them (usually with an arrow to the head or neck). Achievement popped, however, i also died once which would indicate that this achievement is stackable throughout the game and does not resent once you die.
  • A good place to rack up a bunch of these if you didn't get this early is towards the end of the game fighting Stormguard. There's one battle where you fight a bunch of them (10+) and they're armored so you can't dodge kill them. They all have swords so you don't have to worry about them just standing and shooting at you. You need to dodge counter each one twice, once to break their leg armor, once to incap. them then you can take them out however you like.
  • Just to confirm this is stackable only per save file, therefore if you have finished the game you are best of starting a new one to obtain this one. You can die as many times as you like just aslong as you pull the dodge counters off. I did this no problem with just the dodge counter upgrade, combat on easy and just rush towards enemies and hit them with Lara's axe which makes the enemy retaliate with a melee attack hit B to dodge then time the Y button to put an arrow into the knee (may need 2x for armored foes) once incaped I just finished them off with another press of the Y button. Had this done by the end of the shantytown section.
  • #23 is right. You can probably get 15+ done toward the end of the game even with all upgrades.
  • Can confirm this does not work if you do it to the same guy all the time. Tried it with the first sheild guy you see after the plane has crashed, spent 15-20 mins doing it to him pressing B then Y and i would stick a arrow in him, he would be down for a bit but not stay down. further up after you meet back up with Roth, tried it on another guy and it wont pop, it has to be 25 different enemies. still working towards it will clarify once finished.
  • Damn kept doing it once only (so arrow was in the knee but he wasnt incapaticated) wonder if i will get it.
  • You can even get 0 kills before you encounter samurai's there are tons of them, just remove their leg armor and repeat to stun them, just make sure you dont buy last upgrade, because armor opponents are 1 shot.
  • Everyone it's not glitched, the problem is that you can't do the attack on the same guy more than once (it only counts the first time) I just got the achievement after testing, twice if hitting the same 1 or 2 guys with the dodge counter 25 times works, both times it proved false. Every counter has to be on a new enemy
  • I have the same question as #16. I have been into a few different locations and there aren't and guards. Do I have to start a new campaign?
  • Im going to get this on my second playtrough, need to get one secret achievement where you need to talk to all Endurance crew members.
  • Are people actually stuck on this lol. All you do is press B Then Y at prompt then Y again to finish them. x25 times and you get it. Easy as hell.
  • You can absolutely buy the dodge kill ability, the only trick if you have this skill is to LATERAL dodge the enemy so that you don't kill him but only stick an arrow on his leg. no problem for me to get the cheevo this way
  • You can absolutely get this achievement after you finished the game and after you bought all upgrades. I have the dodge kill upgrade and the story completed. What I do is, dodge an enemy attack, then press DOWN + Y at the right time. It will stick an arrow to the knee. Hope that helps :)
  • So does the count reset when you die?
  • I got this with the ninja's. I drew them out and lead them to the edge of the area so I wouldn't get surrounded and just went to town on them. I had to kill the Archers though.
  • Follow #17, i did this today, its easy, you can get this even if you unlock Dodge killer, the KEY is to time the Y button just right. If you hit Y when the circle is small you get a Dodge Kill,You'll see a skull symbol, when its a big circle nearer the edge you get a Dodge Counter, you'll see a lightning symbol. make sure to Dodge counter enemies with armour Twice. When the enemy drops to the ground on his knees, you have successfully Dodge Countered him. Guaranteed you'll get it this way.
  • It's just a reference to Skyrim, took an arrow to the knee. The kill moves don't count.
  • You have to have your bow equipped to incapacitate an enemy with the arrow. She has to counter attack by puttting an arrow in their knee. If she stabs him in the face or shoots him it wont count. You can kill the guy with Y after he's down just to make sure you don't keep attacking the same guy. Also, the guys with bows and swords are the best to do the dodge counter on. If they are wearing armor, you will need to counter twice. The first time will remove the armor. I got this after the game was compelete. I just went back to Shantytown to get the few I was missing.
  • When you buy skills only but dodge counter skills I made the mistake buying all of them and had to start over again
  • Very handy tip: For this and any other kill achievements etc. if you don't have by the point of no return. Fast travel back to shanty town or the mountain village etc where enemies spawn. (By the crashes plane was best for me at village, they spawn 2 at a time there all over the map). Kill one and do the counter to the other (melee them to make them do it). I find there are more enemies at this point a opposed to post game. Took me fifteen minutes to do this, I had about ten before starting.
  • It works. I pressed Y when prompted to kill them after incapacitating, got the achievement by the time lots of guys attacked after meeting Grimm (when the ladder gets blown off).
  • Very easy to do this near the end of the game, with the stormguard.. There are many of them, and they don't have guns..
  • you should definitely go for this before unlocking counter kill...I unlocked counter kill to early and I know I had over 50+ counters on at least 35-40 enemies...but most were the counter instant kill, so those do not register no matter what previous posts state...25 and it popped on my 2nd playthru...also I was only countering them once (even armored opponents) and then instant killing them while they were you don't need to do any enemies twice...if you get the animation and you see a arrow sticking out of their knee, it counts...then I was insta-killing them so I wouldn't mistakingly counter the same enemy twice...
  • ---This can be done even if you have dodge kill. #33, 34, and 37 are close to the answer... Here's the truth: -You do not need to be pressing in any particular direction when you press B(dodge). Test it yourself. Just Press B. -When the Y prompt comes up... hit Y as late as possible... that's it. Its almost as if the ring goes all the way and then comes back. You will even hear the whoosh sound when its coming back.. It may take a couple of tries to get it timing right.. but... worst case scenario is you miss the opportunity.. at least the enemy isn't stabbed in the face and you get to try again. I tried everything else.. nothing is a sure answer, except this.. trust me.
  • --continued... As a matter of fact.. the ring DOES come back. You have to hit Y when the ring is on its way back. Enjoy ;)
  • To anyone saying, "This is not glitchy!" ...LOL. It is indeed glitchy, as it requires MANY more than 25 to unlock. I used the dodge/incapacitate the entire game and it didn't unlock until after about an hour of purposely spamming it on different enemies. Not only that, I did many of just simply incapacitating them as well as the full dodge/kill that kills them in one shot. It's simply broken and I can only say keep doing them until it eventually locks. I hope for your sake it's sooner than later.
  • To all the people saying this achievement isn't glitchy, you're wrong - it is. Maybe not for everyone, but for unknown reasons, it's glitching for some - myself included. I've done this every which was umpteen times, and it just won't pop. I've done a series of dodge counters with the arrow going into the knee until prompted to finish the enemy on the ground. Endless times, yet still no achievement.
  • Spoiler alert!! The best time to do this achievement is towards the end of the game when fighting the samurai guards. Buy the dodge, counter skill as soon as possible in the game and use it on every enemy you can that charges at you and and any enemy that has a bow (get close and they will use melee attacks) if it is safe. When nearing the end of the game all samurai enemies will try to use melee attacks if you get close enough so you should be able to get up to 15 dodge, counters at this section. Note: Do NOT buy the upgrades for this skill or it will be harder to achieve

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