Inconceivable! Achievement

  • Inconceivable!



    All challenges complete.


    Check your camp sites and look at your maps. You will see a challenge needing to be done in various areas. They glow gold in the environment when using your Survival Instinct (and are just like collectibles. The only thing is, they do not ever show up on your maps. You will have to do some of your own exploration for these. If you really think you need your hand held, follow some of the below links to find out more information.

    Challenge Guide by Rep

    All Collectibles and Challenges by Predni

    All Challenges and Collectible Video by DeathMule

  • better not be like BO2
  • i know right, i like doing challenges but i hated black ops 2 challenegs.
  • love doing achievements like this
  • It's not all that bad. They're level specific challenges like destroy 10 of these, find 5 of that, burn 10 of those. That kind of thing. All I need are 3 more total objects and I'm done with the challenges. It's a pain in the arse when it gets down to last few.
  • @4 when did you get the game? its not even out yet
  • Nice! Hope this is not the same crap from BO2. Playing a level multiples times was no funny at all. :(
  • Sadly so far this is the -only- collectible that doesn't show up on the maps. So even if u have said treasure map for the area your still going to find yourself running 2 feet, then using instinct to look around, runn 2 ft, then instinct. Rinse n repeat. Most are easy enough, but #4's pretty much spot on.
  • OMG I need one collectible and I've been searching for this stupid mine on the beach for 3 hours! Argh!
  • I need one more mine too and one Flagg in the Bunker than i have them all, but i can't find them!
  • no spoilers: i'm nearing the end of the campain but i am worried that if i progress i cant go back and to challenges, tombs, etc. please tell me soon.
  • @10 Near the end, you receive a message: if you go through that door, you are no longer able to fast travel (or so / I play it on German). Hope that helps.
  • Btw, @9 same problem here! Dammit!
  • • Ghost Hunter Challenge: • Pyromaniac Challenge: • Illumination & Egg Poacher Challenge: • Silencer & Laid to Rest Challenge: • Firestarter Challenge: • Red Cap Roundup Challenge: • Minesweeper Challenge: • Previous Inhabitants Challenge: • Non-Believer Challenge: • Sun Killer Challenge:
  • @13 Thanks alot, dude!!!
  • Thank you @13 I knew I had totally missed the mine that doesn't appear when you use instinct and is randomly just in the middle of the ocean. Gee thanks Crystal Dynamics.
  • There are a total of 13 challenges in Tomb Raider. Each challenge requires you to find some collectibles. There are just 4-10 collectibles per challenge. After beating the story you will enter free roam mode and can still complete all of the challenges. Everytime you pick up one of the collectibles the game will save automatically. YouTube Challenge Playlist:
  • Anyone know why I haven't received my achievement after completing every challenge? Every region on my game is 100% yet my overall game completion is 99%...
  • i had this same thought,go to shipwreck beach and scroll across to cliffside bunker i had 2 flags missing,worth a look cos it does not tell you the percentage of the bunker in the fast travel map.once i got them flags my achievement popped.
  • im having the same problem.. completed everything and didnt get the achievement.. @ xmick101x hope thats the problem for me too.. ill have to check it out in a few
  • YUP That was my problem.. Thanks for the tip
  • I did every challenge and no cheevo. -.-
  • @21 I have the same problem. I got all of them. 100%... but I didn't get the achievement. My save game status also shows only 99% although I have every collectible and finished the game.
  • @21 I guess this is it! --> This challenge is not displayed at the fast travel function! I will try this during the next days.
  • Here is a list of each challenge individually. Happy Tomb Raiding! Ghost Hunter: Pyromaniac: Egg Poacher: Illumination: Non-Believer: Laid to Rest: Silencer: Red Cap Roundup: Firestarter: Cairn Raider: Minesweeper: Sunk
  • Sunkiller: Previous Inhabitants: Playlist if wanted:
  • hahahahaha and i was about to post a link to website that had all of these. oh well!
  • Thanks for the tips. That was my problem to. Saw that I had completed all the challenges on the travel map but still no achievement and was about to get really angry-panda. =)
  • Those 2 flags almost got me to rage quit :D
  • Minesweeper was the worst out of these. The rest was easy.
  • You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
  • i have finished the game with 99% progress (3 weapon upgrade left but no enough spare parts) so i checked on fast travel (already finished the game) and i have every map done 100% and still no got this cheevo, the only thing left to do is upgrade thoses 3 perks on the handgun. does anyone has the same problem ?
  • Hey if anyone having trouble with this and you are at 99% what you need to do is go to cliffside bunker and complete the challenge Previous Inhibitants. It does not show up on your fast travel map. Fast travel to shipwreck and move over to the right and you will see the area cliffside bunker. Hope is helps!
  • This would be great if it would register that I've actually done the laid to rest challenge!!! WTF?!? Anyone else had a problem with it?
  • Ughhh! That damn Cliffside Bunker almost gave me a heart attack! I thought the chievo was glitched for sure. Thankfully I had x360a and all you great folks to count on. You guys saved the day. Thanks. Oh, and anyone having trouble with the "Laid to Rest" challenge: after burning them, be sure to PULL DOWN each of those effigies with a rope arrow. I was going nuts thinking it had glitched, but then it occurred to me to try pulling it down with a rope arrow... and then they finally started registering.
  • Had to go back to the Cliffside bunker to 100% mine
  • I was sure this was glitched as I couldn't find one of the mushrooms, did 3 checks based on ign map. Was fuming. Then watched a vid and realised I wasn't looking in the right place for one. What a idiot. Same thing for the minesweeper, thought I checked all the places, but video showed me I missed one. If your in doubt, watch a vid and follow it to the letter to make sure.
  • I can not climb the waterfall to get the missing graves of the shipwreck on the beach. Does anyone have any tips on how to climb. I go there, but I can not continue. There's no way proceed to the other side of the beach.
  • I got 100% on the game and this achievement didn't unlock! Does anyone know what's going on?
  • @39: and that includes getting 100% on the cliffside bunker.
  • I got them all, 100% in each map and still no achievement and the one that I have to collect all the relics, GPS and documents wtf!!!
  • I feel like this could be missed. If you missed some of the challenges in a map I think that some areas are no longer accessible. I say this cause I think I'm locked out of two I missed in the beginning of the GeoThermal caverns. Each access is blocked by a wall of boulders. So, I think you need to get them before you complete certain parts level or else you can't get them. OR is there another way?
  • nevermind I made a wrong turn...isn't that the way...:P
  • Luckily the stupid secret Chatterbox bollocksing mess up at least saved me from this anal OCD shit. What's the point of not putting them on the in-game map when we're only going to have to use shitty YouTube for hours instead. They should've added them to the map after completion or let you pay to see the locations with your surplus coinage!
  • Any solution? I don't want to start all over again, I'm about to hit 90K
  • I confirm is this damm flags call "inhabitants", don't apper right in the stats.

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