A Survivor Is Born Achievement

  • A Survivor Is Born



    Game completed.

    You can complete this game on any combat difficulty setting. If you want an easier time with the game, set it to Easy. If you pick a higher difficulty and think it's too challenging, then you may change the difficulty in the gameplay options menu by hitting 

    Note: After completing the game, you will be able to free roam and grab any collectibles, challenges, or tombs that you may have missed.

  • Does this game have a difficulty achievement, or can I just play through on easy?
  • There is no difficulty-based achievement, so yes, easy would work.
  • I don't play on easy cause its too.. well easy I play on normal for FPSs and TPSs cause I don't wanna waste half the game dying and on the hardest diff for adventure games like this 8D
  • how long abouts is this campaign?
  • Although there's no difficulty achievement, I still suggest you play on Normal, because Easy is far too easy.
  • one of the most addictive single campaign i ve ever played, if you dont mind about the collectables only play the role you can finish it about 12-15 hours

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