Entrapment Achievement

  • Entrapment



    Trapped an enemy in multiplayer.

    To trap an enemy, you must find the ropes on the ground in various parts of the maps. Hit  to look for them easier. Go up to them and press  to set a trap. When an enemy player steps on to it, they will get pulled upside down and hang there. 

    Online private match boostable 

    This can be easily boosted. Set the trap and have your partner step into it on purpose.

  • Does anybody know what characters have the traps? I've only played with 2 of them and they all have explosives.
  • can these multiplayer achievements be done in a private game?
  • The characters themselves don't have traps. There are traps in each level that require you to hit 'X' near them to set. Look for ropes on the ground to set a snare trap, for example.
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