Sole Survivor Achievement

  • Sole Survivor



    Sole survivor on your multiplayer team.

    In any team mode where you have someone else on your side, you must be alive at the time they are dying. If there are multiple people on your team, they all must have died and you be the lone survivor. This is easy to boost.

    Online private match boostable (3 people required)

    Start a private match up with 3 people total. You and one person on a team, and the other by themselves. The player on the opposite team kills your team mate. That's all you have to do.

  • i got this playing team deathmatch and have no idea what i did for this to pop lol
  • @1 - Sole survivor on your multiplayer team, possibly?
  • i guess lol say if you start with 2 team members and they die before you i guess your the sole survivour
  • Correct, if your entire team dies during the game and you're still alive, you get this achievement. You'll most likely just get it by playing a MP game the first time.
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  • Very easy. Just make sure you're out of combat and well hidden and you'll get this in no time.
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