Narcissistic Achievement

  • Narcissistic



    New character purchased.


    You will get this while going for buying all characters. The first cost of buying a character is 250 salvage.

  • my first character purchased will be zachary levi
  • To get this you will need to reach level 4 in multi-player. The creeper will be unlocked to purchase for scrap. If you don't play well with others you can set up a private 5 min "find the medicine" match. Shouldn't take you more than 30-35 minutes.
  • Boosting RvB Grif2398
  • I am no longer helping with Tomb Raider MP cheevos. The game has been traded. Good luck
  • Looking to boost all online achievements. GT: Random Dero
  • Looking for a boosting partner to boost the multiplayer achievements. Also im helping too :D GT: nicksk8er

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