Shopaholic Achievement

  • Shopaholic



    Purchased all upgrades and characters in multiplayer.


    To get everything upgraded and all purchase characters in multiplayer, you will have to reach level 60. You will need a lot of salvage in order to get everything. There is an update coming to make The General a free character, meaning you will not have to prestige 3 times . Will update after patch. Once you get to 60, do not prestige.

    Play the Rescue Mode and just keep capturing the kits to give yourself easy experience and salvage. 

    Gametype: Rescue
    Faction: Survivors
    Kits: 20
    Time: 20 minutes
    Map: Underground 

    You can go to the link HERE which has a video and instructions. Thanks to D0pe B0i for clarifying the information and testing it.

    Check the link below to learn about a way to get the achievement before the patch comes out.

    Buying General before Prestige 3 by Ty-Rex

  • So does anyone know how many characters there will be?, and if Zachary Levi will actually be in it?
  • this is a retarded achievement since you will need to get to level 60 3X to get it. pretty stupid achievement on a first run mp considering i have not seen a single review that even makes me want to play the mp let alone want to play it long enough to get level 60 3X
  • well you get lara at level 60 so im guessing that will be the end
  • no watson at level 60 you get lara then you have to prestige, then get to level 60 and repeat 3 times. total tool achievement
  • Am waiting for everyone that has been bitching about the "True Commitment" achievement to find this out and begin again... I can understand the scepticism over MP being introduced to a SP franchise but in terms of achievements/playability is this really any different than GoW/CoD? OT as #2 and #4 said you have to prestige x3 to be able to unlock the character "The General".
  • Yes it is different, because no one wants to play the MP in this game for that long. GoW or Cod actually have good MP.
  • Gears does, but not everyone likes CoD multiplayer. Everyone has their own taste. I do think this was a cheap way for them to get people to play the MP so they could justify the "MP Experiment" but the point I am making is that some games have MP achievements that are utterly ridiculous in terms of time sink whereas this actualy isn't that bad in comparison.
  • The multiplayer isn't so bad. Sure Tomb Raider has always been singleplayer and I have been a fan of the franchise since the first release. Just separate the multiplayer from the main game and enjoy it as something entirely new. I must admit though this achievement is going to be a grind for those (like me) who want to 100% it.
  • The method I am about to explain allows you to farm both Salvage and Experience, but keep in mind that once you do a prestige at the level cap you’ll lose all your weapons and their upgrades, so it’s best to wait until the third prestige before you do your shopping (you need to be lvl 58 on the 3rd prestige to unlock the General). So now for the method itself. Start a 20 minute game of Rescue (a solo game is preferred), and pick the Survivors side. In the match settings, change the Medkits to Retrieve option to the max setting. When selecting your perks, take Second Wind (if you have it) and Advanced Looting. Now when the match begins, run around collecting Medkits as fast as you can and dropping them off at the designated area for exp and salvage. The medkits can spawn at random loc
  • Was gutted when I noticed the last character requires 3rd prestige to unlock. I was really enjoying the multiplayer, and would've happily played it through to level 60, but to go through the prestiges as well would be painful. I can't help but feel the General is supposed to be unlocked as a reward rather than purchased, which would remove him as a requirement for this achievement. The salvage leaderboard is going to be full of people with barely any kills, making it completely irrelevant. Hope this gets patched.
  • I seriously want to strangle whoever came up with this one. Just boosted from 9-30 and my brain is fried. And why for the love of god is doing this worth just 20g? But lvl 60 once is worth 30g. This game should have had an extra 2 hours of single player and NO multiplayer. Or if they felt they had to add multiplayer. Everything but THIS achievement would have been ok.
  • Im on lv55. 50-60 is long. I would do this now while plenty of people are on. Haven't touched single player yet.
  • Can you rank up in private matches?
  • i just hit level 60.played 10 more matches and i see no sign of prestige.might this require playing ranked matches?has anybody gotten there yet?
  • Boosting this in private matches is the quickest way but it has drained all my love for the game now for this disgusting achievement! What idiot put this in? Still takes 50 hours in private matches its ridiculous
  • This achievement is just ridiculous! The grind to 60 was hard enough!
  • I feel for everyone doing this achievement. It is a slugfest. Just to reach lvl 60 is bad enough, but to do it 2 more times is insane. I have wasted a whole week of my life to get to lvl 58. I have not seen my g/f or my son and it's all this games fault. Damn you, take my life for 50 gamescore u bastards!
  • I just found this video claiming 100,000xp per 20 minutes. You need 2 players, and in the video the game doesn't finish so you can't actually see the xp you earn each game. If anyone wants to try it with me and see if this is true add my gamertag: BadBoyBenny1991.
  • On second thoughts from the video it would only be the Solari who got that xp (if 100,000xp per 20 minutes is true). So if taking it in turns it would be 100,000xp per 40 minutes, which is less than some of the other boosting methods around. Oh well, if anyone manages to find a partner who wants to constantly play as the survivors and who doesn't mind being repeatedly killed then lucky you! ;)
  • basically, its 100,000 per round for the solarii, as it's three rounds that's 200,000 per hour and 100,000 for the other person on the middle round... so 300,000 every two hours; solo its pretty easy to get 30,000 in ten minutes which makes 360,000 every two hours but is a lot more boring but being as you need nearly 7,000,000 to so this its a 40 hour solo grind not including loading times.....
  • Unless you quit in between rounds, and restart. Then it's 100,000 per 20 minutes, so 300,000 per hour (or thereabouts, excluding loading times and time taken to set up the match). That works out at about 600,000 per 2 hours, but it's nowhere near ideal given the method. I don't want to, but I guess I'll just have to accept that approx. 30,000xp every 10 minutes is the best method. So bored of doing this already :(
  • This is the Private Match -> Rescue -> Beach option. See for more information. If you use the drop method you can get an extra 200 xp for all the spawn locations and 200 more for the far spawnpoint. This will get you an average of 31,000 xp every 10 minutes. With 10 minutes I mean that you get an average of 31,000 xp INCLUDING loading times. The loading times are from the moment you deliver the last box until the moment you can move in the next game. This takes about 70-75 seconds. The average time to finish a game is about 8:20-8:30, so 1:30-1:40 left. Hence you can complete say 6 games per hour including loading times. This method will take less than 10 hours to prestige. Let me start with some terminology. I gi
  • Sorry, I can not post long messages. See the link to trueachievements for my solution.
  • @17 So a game is more important to you than your gf and your son? Wow
  • The multiplayer is a complete pile of crap, wished we could have had an extended single player. Developers just seem to do what they want and not listen to fans anymore. It's all about map packs and that bullshit we all get sucked into hence the reason I stopped playing cod. This game does not need multiplayer nor is it even enjoyable.
  • What kind of shit cheevo is this? Do I REALLY have to reach level 60 4 times ?? Are they kidding me?
  • yo guy i am willing to boost this but want to get it first and will give to partner no trick my GT Slimmerrobin :don't want a kid, want a player who at least takes this seriously and who is willing to work with me for sometime to get this achievement. i will do the same for u!
  • Yay! I just unlocked this! Took me 10 days though.
  • @28 Did you boost to L58 P3 ??
  • You still need to unlock the weapons on your third prestige so I'd assume so. Definitely not going any further with this. Just spent 3hrs getting to level 60 from around 50. It's boring and pointless. Especially for a lousy 20G
  • Need A Boosting Partner, I Know How To Get Around 80,00Xp. Just Do Rescue On A Private Match And The Bad Guys Stand At Circle (Where The Survivors Take The Medpacks) And Just Keep Killing Them When They Hav The Medpacks..... Its Simple, So Just Send Me A Message Online :P Gamertag - Gothmule
  • im down to do boost with someone anyone need a partner gt toandadestroyer
  • Prestige 3 is not required for the shopaholic achievement
  • rumor has it they will release a patch that will unlock the general and will no longer be needed for this achievement
  • I just got to prestige 3 and got it like it was meant to be.
  • I put in maybe at least 10+ hours to reach level 60 and can't do another two rounds of it again,especially for 20 gamerscore points; just got this achievement after some grinding, you don't need to prestige level 3 get to level 60 the first time buy every upgrade for every weapon theres a glitch if you go to the character selection scene, purchase every character for both sides(except lara and general obviously)select the general, switch factions(Y), select lara, press A and Y at the same time, it will switch over to the other faction and ask if you want to buy this character meaning the general, go buy lara and boom achievement pop. The general is still locked though, gotta prestige 3 if you want to actually use him.
  • I retract my previous statement #33. Sounds like you need to glitch the General of this achievement. Unfortunately for me, I found out minutes after purchasing Lara. Does anyone know if there is any other way of grabbing the General? Or perhaps if I was to prestige once then purchase him early, if that would work. I'm thinking I'll have to boost to 60 again for another shot at the glitch. Finally, does anyone know if the patch that #34 mentioned is legit, or perhaps when it will be implemented?
  • So....I can boost in private as I have read in a few posts in here? Is that true??
  • Yes, you can boost in private matches. Choose Medic (Chasm was the easiest map for me) and make the pick ups and time limit to 20. You get roughly 27k per run. If you use the Salvage perk you can get up to 9k per quick run. I got it down to 8 minutes after I maxed the salvage needed.
  • #9's method works well. You can rack up to almost 40k xp and 8,000 salvage in 12 mins or so. I'm doing it on Underground - nice compact map with salvage dotted near to most of the medi kit pickups. A choice of your favourite background music is essential! :)
  • Hey if anyone wants to boost message me on live. Matt Cena
  • Got the 1000g last week With the Beach 32k grind it took about 2 weeks total. Most i got to in a day was Rank 0-47 but that was allday. Got a total of 190k salvage (Just collected extra because i was so bored of medical packs)
  • Finally got it like an hour ago...I did the grinding on Shrine, personally...also took 2 weeks. Just watched videos on my laptop while doing it lol
  • hey im looking for someone to do this with me ill be online on weekends so just send me a friend request and pls have a mic GT: Mchael973 i want to do this and be done before i put it off for another time.
  • not much of a problem. go to the underground and set it for private free for all and invite a friend. go to the ship and blow each other up over and over again and you'll get like 80,000 points per round. Also really good for salvage.
  • How much salvage do I need to buy everything (after the patch)?
  • Boosting RvB Grif2398
  • This can be farmed on rescue in underground, make a private match and max out all options.
  • So i understand the patch will make the general free.. but still.. once i unlock everything and everyone (besides him) will the achievement unlock? Sigh.. i hope so.. ill find out in a minute here.
  • Good! It popped. I was worried there. So he is not required for the achievement.. just get lara and everything else and youre good. I still did the trick, but i read around its confirmed hes not needed.. that new patch helped take off an extra 3000 medkits to recover.. good times.
  • I got it without getting the last solarii. Just purchase all the available characters and weapon upgrades without prestiging.
  • @ #50 Thank you so much for this information! What a huge time saver. I was just about to prestige before reading this! *phew*
  • I can confirm that you do NOT need The General (Last Solarii Character) in order to get this achievement. To get this, just reach Rank 58 and purchase all weapons upgrades and characters. Weapons = 170,000 Salvage Characters = 46,000 Salvage Total = 216,000 Salvage Wish I knew this before I got to max level after presteiging once... =
  • looking for boost partners GT:SouthernMan227
  • Thank you #50 and #53 for confirming that you don't need the general. I really don't want to keep collecting med kits and boosting.
  • Cant be bothered
  • Looking to boost all of the MP achievements with 1 or 2 people. GT: RealisticDeity
  • Looking to boost this. Oo K Woods oO
  • It been confirmed that you don't need to x3 prestige and you all are still posting about boosting. how can you be proud of a 1000 when all you do is boost? there are no achievement s that need boosting on this game! maybe the zip line but cmon people
  • I think I'll still try and obtain him even if he isn't required anymore; just to have everything unlocked.
  • I can also confirm that you do not need the General for this cheevo to pop...the glitch that allows you to unlock the general doesn't work anymore anyway...just get to level 60, purchase all characters and upgrades and your golden...
  • I am no longer helping with Tomb Raider MP cheevos. The game has been traded. Good luck
  • Do not quit after doing the first round as a survivor. I tried going this once I had enough salvage and was at lvl 48. I went to play the next day and had my lvl reset. This happened to me twice both time due to ending a match after round 1. My advice is to back you save files up often as it will save you mp lvl and xp. You need 1,771,1000 xp to reach lvl 60.
  • It doesn't seem to be working? any suggestions?
  • Looking to boost all online achievements...message me GT: Imsicatcher
  • If anyone wants to boost online achievments with me in this game add me: ditisem
  • Hello. I need help with these following achievements: Artilleryman Down Boy! I'm All That! Shopaholic Master Blaster Monkey Around Adventurer True Commitment If anyone can help with the listed achievements please send a message to my GT: Joshywa7 I'm free anyday starting around 9AM central time. Much help would be appreciated. Thank you
  • Update: Obtained Down Boy! Master Blaster Don't need these achievements anymore. Still need the others. GT: Joshwywa7
  • just need good samaritan, master blaster and monkey around. leveling up or getting salvage i can do on my own since it is a faster method than just killing
  • Forgot to put my gt, Gt:DarkestSerenade
  • Looking for a boosting partner to boost the multiplayer achievements. Also im helping too :D GT: nicksk8er
  • Need help on this GT - Sab2k11
  • Does anyone still play this game?! I need all the multiplayer achievements so am looking for someone to boost them with. Send me a message! GT: TheFlaminBean
  • For anyone not getting the achievement when they think they bought everything, I had the same thing. Turns out when you launch a MP game you can buy characters as well. Totally forgot about that. Turned out I missed two characters!
  • Need help on this and other multiplayer achievements. Gamertag: LGDMF

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