-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 35 [750]
-Online: 15 [250]
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-20 Hours SP, 10 Hours Multiplayer [25-30 Hours Total]
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [Can keep playing game after to finish]
-Number of missable achievements: 1, ["Chatterbox", but others can be much harder to gain after the game is complete]
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No [Can play on easy]
-Glitchy achievements: None. Though some normal glitches are present. You may want a back up save
-Unobtainable achievements? None
-Extra equipment needed? No
Online Pass Required?: No

Important Note: This game has a habit of crashing for no known reason. If the game crashes during an autosave, which happens frequently, your save file will become corrupted and unusable, meaning you'll need to start the entire game over again from the beginning. There is no known way to avoid the game crashes (despite the developers having put a patch in place to improve crashing and how the game handles it), nor is there a way to recover your game from a corrupted file. There is, however, one important thing you can do to ensure you don't have to start over if your game crashes and corrupts your save file: each time you save at a base camp, after saving, go back to the base camp and switch save slots to a second slot, and let the game save there too. To be safe, you can repeat for the third slot as well. This ensures you always have a backup save or two in case one gets corrupted. It may seem tedious to do it at each base camp, and you certainly don't need to save three times every time, but the risk of having to start an entirely new game is always a possibility if your game crashes. Better safe than sorry.

Though this is an action/platforming game involving a lot of jumping/climbing mixed with a few puzzles, you will have no difficult time completing the game. It is easier compared to other games that are similar. You can play on Easy combat starting out, or change it to that later. There are very few puzzles which are "optional tombs", but even those can take as little as 5 minutes to complete. The big bulk of the single player is keeping track of how you are getting kills, looting everything you can, and later going back to collect anything you missed. Yes, there is the ability in this game to go back after completing via fast travel locations. Be warned, that when you reload a checkpoint or die, none of the stats save for your kill types. If you grab a collectible, however, you will not have to get it again. There is one major missable achievement;  "Chatterbox". Check the guide, or just make sure after every scene with a Survivor, you talk to everyone around. If you fail to do so, you will have to play the entire game again and it's only worth 5 points. As far as collectibles, you just have to remember to always press  to see things highlighted in gold. You will gain skills to help for these as well, and they will also show up on your map eventually. Therefore, there is really no guided need (thankfully).

Step 1: Story
Play the game on any difficult you want. If you want to enjoy the game, just focus on getting the kill related and misc achievements. As far as collectibles and challenges go, grab what you want and move on. You will not be able to always grab everything in the area. This is because you get different tools/weapons as you progress that help you get the collectibles. After you have done your playthrough, you will be able to continue and finish getting everything. There are even some enemies that respawn.

Step 2: Finish What you Started
Now that you're fully upgraded and have all fast travels unlocked, go back and clean up all the stuff you left behind. Finish your weapon modifications and get the rest of your skills. 

Step 3: Multiplayer
Most all of the multiplayer achievements can be boosted in private matches. Even with ranked you can sort of boost because you can be in parties. You will need a ton of experience to be able to buy all character models and upgrades. This will require salvage. As you make your way to Level 60, keep in mind that you must break the boxes apart to gain extra salvage. There is even a perk that allows you more. Make sure you have it on. You can boost your level/salvage in private matches by yourself playing Rescue (it's like capture the flag). Make sure you are the Survivors so that you can go first, then quit.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find people.

This game is extremely easy and has breathtaking visuals and superior gameplay. The mechanics work extremely well too. There is a bit of grinding for multiplayer achievements, but in the end you will have a completion without much effort.


Good news, the General will soon be free and not require you to prestige 3 times and get to level 58. Do not prestige, stay at your level.


Visit the thread below to learn how to buy the General early before the update.

Check this helpful thread

[XBA would like to thank Tyger7 for this roadmap]

Tomb Raider Achievement Guide

Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • 25% of all documents found.

    See the "No Stone Left Unturned" achievement description.

  • 75% of all documents found.

    See the "No Stone Left Unturned" achievement description.

  • 25% of all relics collected.

    See the "No Stone Left Unturned" achievement description.

  • 75% of all relics collected.

    See the "No Stone Left Unturned" achievement description.

  • 25% of all GPS caches found.

    See the "No Stone Left Unturned" achievement description.

  • 75% of all GPS caches found.

    See the "No Stone Left Unturned" achievement description.

  • All documents, relics, and GPS caches found.

    These are collectibles in the game. You will eventually earn skills that unlock these on your map. You can utilize fast travel after you have completed the game to grab all of them. Always use  around areas as you go through them to find these glowing gold. You can put a waypoint on them on your map if you want as well, and they will be easier to find. There is one area (Cliffside Bunker) that cannot be fast traveled to but is still accessible by traveling on foot from the neighboring area (Shipwreck Beach). If all your fast travel locations say they're at 100% completion but the achievement hasn't popped yet, check there.

  • 5000 pieces of salvage collected.

    As you play through the game, you will be collecting a lot of salvage. It's best to invest quickly into the skills that allow you to get more. These are located in the survivor skill set. You will want to get Advanced Salvaging and Bone Collector. Loot every enemy and get a decent amount of hunting done when available. You need the salvage to upgrade your weapons and equipment.

  • Picky



    200 enemies looted.

    To loot an enemy, press  over the body. If you press  you can tell if they can be looted or not (if they glow gold, they can). Loot every enemy you kill. Animals do not count for this, as they aren't being looted but skinned.

  • Purchased all skills in one category.

    See the "Lethal" achievement description.

  • Lethal



    Purchased all skills in all categories.

    Skills can be purchased as you progress through the game as you gain experience and level up. You buy these skills at the campsites. There are 3 tiers of skills, and you unlock them as you purchase the ones in the tier you have. There are a total of 24 skill to obtain and you must be at the skill level Specialist. There are only 3 categories: Survivor, Hunter, and Brawler.

  • One weapon fully modded and completely upgraded.

    See the "The Professional" achievement description.

  • All weapons fully modded and completely upgraded.

    There are only 4 weapons in the game that you can upgrade. The Bow, Shotgun, Rifle, and Handgun. There are several upgrades for each weapon and you have to gain a lot of salvage in order to upgrade everything. You can only start fully upgrading weapons as you find "parts" for them. The parts seem random and as you loot things and fallen enemies you will randomly pick them up.

  • 10 large animals killed and looted.

    You will start finding animals that count towards this achievement very early on. They spawn frequently and you can revisit areas later that have them. The below list are the types of animals that count towards this achievement, though you'll likely get them all off of Deer and Wolves. Just remember that after you kill them, you must go loot them or it will not count. 

    • Deer
    • Wolf
    • Boar
  • 10 small animals killed and looted.

    You will start finding animals that count towards this achievement very early on. They spawn frequently and you can revisit areas later that have them. The below list are the types of animals that count towards this achievement, though you'll likely get them all off of Rabbits though Crabs are easier to hit you won't encounter them until the second half of the game. Just remember that after you kill them, you must go loot them or it will not count.

    • Rabbit
    • Chicken
    • Rat
    • Crab
  • 10 flying animals killed and looted.

    You will start finding animals that count towards this achievement very early on. They spawn frequently and you can revisit areas later that have them. The below list are the types of animals that count towards this achievement. Just remember that after you kill them, you must go loot them or it will not count. This can be tough sometimes with birds since they can be in spots you cannot reach. You can kill them while they are on the ground or flying, and with any weapon. To save ammo, you can kill them with Rope Pull when you learn it. 

    • Crows
    • Seagulls
  • 50 headshot kills performed in the single player campaign.

    This can be done with any weapon on human enemies as long as you get the "headshot" bonus points for experience (shows up on top left when you get a kill). While going for your other weapon kills, you should have no problems getting this. The easiest kills for this are probably the unaware enemies but you should have no issues aiming at other enemies while they take cover. Upgrading weapons can help, but not necessary. 

    Note: You cannot reload checkpoints to gain extra kills towards your stats. These must all be done on unique enemies.

  • 50 enemies killed with the bow.

    The bow is the first weapon you get. Ammo shouldn't be too much of an issue, especially considering when you fast travel, the ammo respawns. There is also a skill that allows you to gather the arrows back off the bodies of dead enemies. You should try to stack this with unaware kills and headshots. Getting kills resulting in explosions (like fire arrows in oil) do not count. The arrow must be the shot that is the killing blow. The bow is in the  slot and you can choose your arrow type there when you get the option.

    Note: You cannot reload checkpoints to gain extra kills towards your stats. These must all be done on unique enemies.

  • 75 enemies killed with the rifle.

    The rifle is the third weapon you get and is in the  slot. You must get the most kills with this gun out of all of the kill based achievements. Upgrading it will help since you'll be using a lot. You should focus on getting these kills randomly when in gun fights when stealth is not an option and there are many enemies to dispose of.

    Note: You cannot reload checkpoints to gain extra kills towards your stats. These must all be done on unique enemies.

  • 40 enemies killed with the shotgun.

    The shotgun is in the  slot and is obtained in the temple area. It is a weapon you will need to shoot certain obstacles to get collectibles and to survive certain situations. It is effective when killing, so you should have no trouble getting this achievement.

    Note: You cannot reload checkpoints to gain extra kills towards your stats. These must all be done on unique enemies.

  • 35 enemies killed with the pistol.

    Very early in the game you will obtain the pistol. Use it on 35 enemies. Aim for the head to preserve ammo and to gain head shot kills for the achievement based on those. You can upgrade the gun with salvage at a camp to make it better. To select this weapon, press .

    Note: You cannot reload checkpoints to gain extra kills towards your stats. These must all be done on unique enemies.

  • Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed two people.

    In Shantytown, you will start to see enemies who throw dynamite. To obtain this, you must get a total of 2 kills with the dynamite that is dropped. It's best to shoot the enemy throwing it in the body so that you don't kill him by accident. You can also use the rope pull if you are worried about it. Focus on getting this after a section or two after you first see the dynamite being thrown. There are some obvious spots that it will work, but others are too spread out. Remember you can always reload checkpoints.

  • 5 enemies rope pulled off edges.

    You will learn how to use the rope pull eventually in the story. Once you know it, you can aim your bow at enemies and press  to shoot out a roped arrow. You can then pull them towards you. The enemy must be close to an edge/ledge and fall to their death. You can gain the first couple right after the tutorial. The rest can easily be obtained in Shanty town as long as you pay attention and use this ability on any enemy close to a ledge.

    Note: This must be done to different enemies. You cannot reload checkpoint and repeat this over and over again on the same enemy.

  • 25 unaware enemies killed.

    An unaware enemy is obvious. They aren't attacking you and are in a calm state. You can kill them with a head shot or sneak up behind them and silent kill them using the  prompt. If there are multiple enemies around, you will need to use the bow. If you look in the DLC area of the game, you may also purchase (using Microsoft Points) a silenced pistol. This is not needed, however.

    Note: You cannot reload checkpoints to gain extra kills towards your stats. These must all be done on unique enemies.

  • 15 finishers performed.

    A finisher is performed when an enemy gets injured and is briefly on the ground on one knee. The injury can be caused by shooting a non-head shot or by attacking with the axe  when you obtain it after upgrading your skills to Tier 2. This also happens if you stab them in the knee with your arrow (a countering skill). Once the enemy is down, go up quickly and press the prompt which is  to perform a finisher. If you want, you can easily just stack this with countering since there is an achievement for getting 25 counters. Just counter and they will be on the ground and you can finish them. You will likely get this achievement before unlocking the skills that let you counter with the various weapons.

    Note: This must be done to different enemies. You cannot repeat this over and over again on the same enemy.

  • 10 enemies shot off zip lines.

    Enemies can go on zip lines, and will do so when rushing to attack you. Shoot them on their way to instantly kill them. This achievement will not count the enemies that are already dropping when you shoot them. They must be actually on the line. When you get to sections where there are many enemies on zip lines, kill as many as you can. This will be very difficult to get post-campaign or from re-visiting areas later. If you miss a lot, go ahead and just reload your checkpoint and try again.

    Note: This must be done to different enemies. You cannot repeat this over and over again on the same enemy.

  • 25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter.

    To use a dodge counter, you must first obtain the skill through the Brawler skill tree. There are upgrades for this, but you don't have to worry about not being able to get the achievement if you upgrade. They still count. To use this skill, when a melee enemy attacks you, press  to dodge, and then the  when prompted. 

    Note: This must be done to different enemies. You cannot repeat this over and over again on the same enemy.

  • One optional tomb completed.

    See the "Intellectually Superior" achievement description.

  • All optional tombs completed.

    You'll come across optional tombs in the game. They are very short, straightforward, and easily done. You will get these on your map later with a skill you can purchase, but you may as well do them as you go along.

    Tomb of the Unworthy

    You will see a cage hanging with bodies wrapped up and attached. Jump on this piece and quickly jump to the next part ahead. Light your torch and jump back. Light the bodies on fire. Now go to the other side where there is another cage and knock it off. This completes the puzzle. Now just jump on the hanging cage and wall climb up to the area that has the chest.

    Hall of Ascension 

    There is a window blowing wind and a platform in the middle. Lower the window panels via the crank under the window. Run to the platform. Look to the window and you should see 3 panels. Once the first one pops open, start turning the crank on the platform to raise it. Quickly get on top of it. When the final panel of the window opens, it will blow the platform close to the wall. Jump onto the wall there and shimmy around to the top part where there is a tunnel leading to the chest.

    Chamber of Judgement

    When you get inside, you'll see fire and gas cans. There is a statue in the middle back. Get on top of the platform and look at the statue. Turn right and see a tire from an airplane hanging. Use your rope arrow on it to break the platform with a canister on it. Throw all the yellow canisters around up onto the left platform that has a canister already on it (this overloads the platform and it breaks). Now throw three of them on the platform on the right to break it as well. Take all four and put them on the end of the teetering wreckage piece. You can now use this as a ramp to jump to the wall with your axe. That completes the tomb.

    The Flooded Vault

    You'll get to a part with water and electricity which is making the water dangerous to walk through. You must shoot the barrier with a shotgun across from the raft. Burn the part next to the raft to untie it. Now go to where you use the shotgun and rope pull the raft to you. Now use it to jump to the other side. Pull the top part and let the electric thing go up in the air. Now run across the water. Pull the raft from this new safe point near the electric part. Raise it with rope pull again, and position the raft below it. When it falls this time, the water will now be safe to cross and finish the tomb.

    Well of Tears

    When you get inside the tomb, you'll see a very obvious puzzle. There is a lift that is higher than you can get to. Throw the canisters scattered around the area on top of it to weigh it down. Get on it and throw the canisters off. Now run up the slope and around to jump on it as it raises, and jump to the next location up. The chest is right up there.

    Stormguard Sanctum

    There are gases blocking your way after you shoot your fire arrows to get rid of the obstacle. Shoot another fire arrow inside the gas to cause an explosion. Now quickly climb up and continue the path. At the top is a beam. Look across and shoot a fire arrow to block the second obstacle. Now just jump over the gap and you'll find the chest.

    Temple of the Handmaidens

    You will see a cage. Raise it with the crank nearby and you will see a buoy float under. Quickly jump up to the section on the left. The buoy will rotate the piece there and you can then use the pole to jump over the gap. The next pole has to be moved twice, so you will need to do this part somewhat fast. Rope pull it once and the buoy will take care of the second rotation. Now use it to jump to the rocky section you can use your axe on and climb up.

  • One challenge completed.

    See the "Inconceivable!" achievement description.

  • All challenges complete.

    Check your camp sites and look at your maps. You will see a challenge needing to be done in various areas. They glow gold in the environment when using your Survival Instinct (and are just like collectibles. The only thing is, they do not ever show up on your maps. You will have to do some of your own exploration for these. If you really think you need your hand held, follow some of the below links to find out more information.

    Challenge Guide by Rep

    All Collectibles and Challenges by Predni

    All Challenges and Collectible Video by DeathMule

  • Game completed.

    You can complete this game on any combat difficulty setting. If you want an easier time with the game, set it to Easy. If you pick a higher difficulty and think it's too challenging, then you may change the difficulty in the gameplay options menu by hitting 

    Note: After completing the game, you will be able to free roam and grab any collectibles, challenges, or tombs that you may have missed.

  • Played a match to completion in all multiplayer modes.

    There are a total of 4 different modes you can play in multiplayer. Play each one once online or in private matches alone. You do have to do this in ranked matches anyways, so you can also do both achievements there.

    • Rescue
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Cry for Help
    • Free for All

    Online private match boostable (or solo private)

    You can easily just create a private match for each game type and play through them to get the achievement. Make sure you move around, if not you will get kicked out for inactivity.

  • 20 enemy players killed with a turret in multiplayer.

    In multiplayer, you will find turrets on some levels that will let you shoot and kill other players. If playing regular, you will want to focus on getting to the turrets (memorize where they are) first. You may find that many other players enjoy sitting on these and killing others that are running around fighting.

    Online private match boostable (2 players required)

    Start a private match with another player (or more). Do this one on the Underground map. There is a turret in the middle on one side. When you kill the other player, have them keep running out of their spawn point.

  • Zip-lining enemy killed in multiplayer.

    To zip-line, a player must hold  while on it. Shooting a player off will not count, the player must die. They will most likely already have to be injured for this to happen. 

    Online private match boostable (2 players required)

    Shoot the other player and have them start using the zip-line. Shoot them quickly while they are on it to kill them.

    Note: Solarii Character Faction are the only ones who can zipline.

  • Trapped an enemy in multiplayer.

    To trap an enemy, you must find the ropes on the ground in various parts of the maps. Hit  to look for them easier. Go up to them and press  to set a trap. When an enemy player steps on to it, they will get pulled upside down and hang there. 

    Online private match boostable 

    This can be easily boosted. Set the trap and have your partner step into it on purpose.

  • Survived 10 explosions in multiplayer.

    While playing, there will be times explosions happen. This can be from launched grenades, mines, etc. The explosion must damage you, but not kill you. There are red barrels around that can be shot, but it maybe impossible to survive those.

    Online private match boostable (by yourself will work)

    You can go into your own match and shoot grenades on the ground (with the right loadout). Be careful, as being too close will cause you to die.

  • Revived a teammate in a multiplayer match.

    You must be playing on the Rescue game mode as the Survivors. Stay close to your team and when they get downed, press  to revive them before they get melee killed or their timer runs out.

    Online private match boostable (3 players needed)

    Start a match of Rescue and make sure you have one team mate. When you are the Survivors, have your teammate get shot by the opposite team. Go to the downed team member and press  to pick them up. This only works while your team is the Survivors.

  • Won a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.

    There are a total of 4 different modes you can play in multiplayer. Play each one once online in ranked matches only. This will be the harder of the achievements due to random people. 

    • Rescue - This game is like capture the flag. You must get the med kits as the survivors while the other team tries to get kills. You switch during the rounds.
    • Team Deathmatch - All about kills.
    • Cry for Help - One team has to place batteries into circles (like king of the hill). Other team must kill them.
    • Free for All - Hardest one to get a win off of as you will not be able to depend on other players. This could be frustrating.

    Semi Boostable (depends on amount of people in party)

    This game is ranked yes, but you can have parties. You can even switch teams and give yourself an advantage. If you have a full team, you can boost. If only a few players are in your party, you may get randoms and have to actually try a little harder. If this happens, take turns being the "jerk" on the opposite team and giving your party kills.

  • Sole survivor on your multiplayer team.

    In any team mode where you have someone else on your side, you must be alive at the time they are dying. If there are multiple people on your team, they all must have died and you be the lone survivor. This is easy to boost.

    Online private match boostable (3 people required)

    Start a private match up with 3 people total. You and one person on a team, and the other by themselves. The player on the opposite team kills your team mate. That's all you have to do.

  • 10 multiplayer enemies killed with the melee attack.

    To kill someone with with a melee attack, press . You can do this behind them for an instant stealth kill, or swing away at them until they die. If you hold the button, you will do a charged attack. 

    Online Boostable Achievement 

    This can be done to the same person if you want, over and over again. You can boost this in a private match very easily.

  • Two multiplayer enemies killed with one explosive.

    This can be done with with a grenade launcher as long as two enemies are near when you shoot it. You can also shoot barrels to cause a bigger explosion. 

    Online Boostable Achievement (requires 3 players)

    If boosting, just have two friends in a private match stand next to each other in a free for all and use the grenade launcher. If no launcher, use a barrel. The best level for this is Underground.

  • Survived 3 times in multiplayer by using the rope ascender.

    Solarii Character Faction Only

    While having very low health, you must jump on a rope and zip-line away. This must be done from the bottom portion of the rope. When on the rope, hold  to use the ascender. Think of it like escaping a bad situation quickly when low on health. Sometimes you will play as a character and not be able to actually use the rope ascender. It is not known if this is a bug, or if some characters are not able to do it in the first place.

    Online private match boostable (2 people needed)

    This can all be done in one session with a partner. Stand at the bottom of the rope and have the other person shoot you until you are low on health. Now jump up on the rope and hold . Get back to that point and repeat until you get the achievement. The damage must be by another player and not by yourself (this means you cannot use explosions or fire that you cause).

  • New character purchased.

    You will get this while going for buying all characters. The first cost of buying a character is 250 salvage.

  • Multiplayer level 10 attained.

    See "True Commitment" achievement description.

  • Purchased all upgrades and characters in multiplayer.

    To get everything upgraded and all purchase characters in multiplayer, you will have to reach level 60. You will need a lot of salvage in order to get everything. There is an update coming to make The General a free character, meaning you will not have to prestige 3 times . Will update after patch. Once you get to 60, do not prestige.

    Play the Rescue Mode and just keep capturing the kits to give yourself easy experience and salvage. 

    Gametype: Rescue
    Faction: Survivors
    Kits: 20
    Time: 20 minutes
    Map: Underground 

    You can go to the link HERE which has a video and instructions. Thanks to D0pe B0i for clarifying the information and testing it.

    Check the link below to learn about a way to get the achievement before the patch comes out.

    Buying General before Prestige 3 by Ty-Rex

  • Multiplayer level 60 attained.

    This is the last multiplayer rank. For more information, see "Shopaholic" achievement description.


Secret achievements

  • Bundle of dynamite shot out of the air.

    In Shantytown, you will start to see enemies throwing dynamite. This is very obvious as the short scene plays where one explodes. Enemies will constantly throw these at you (the ones who have them). They will not run out, so you can keep trying when you see them. This is very easy to obtain, just shoot it out of the sky.

  • FeeFee the crab killed.

    You will arrive at Shipwreck Beach in search of the Survivor's Camp. As you traverse the area, you will stumble upon crabs by the water. Kill any of them for the achievement.

  • All conversations with the Endurance crew completed.

    There are times in the game where you can talk to people from the Endurance crew. There will be an  icon above their heads. Keep talking to them until it doesn't show the prompt anymore. You should see the game saving in the lower right hand corner of the screen when this happens. This is a missable achievement if you don't remember to do it when the time comes. Also remember that if you die or reload your checkpoint, don't forget to talk to them again if it starts you near them. Talking to everyone on this list will get you the achievement. It is possible that only the conversations that lead to the game saving are required, but it's better to play it safe than sorry.

    Highly Missable Achievement Warning

    Conversation Set 1: After you obtain a med pack and heal up Roth, there will be a brief cut scene and he will give you a climbing tool. Keep talking to him while he is sitting by the fire.

    Conversation Set 2: During a cut scene, Roth will talk to you about sacrifice. After the scene he will sit on a chair by the fire. Talk to him here.

    Conversation Set 3: After quite a while playing through the game, you will be able to talk to 3 survivors after meeting up with them at the beach area. Talk to all three until you can no longer do so.

    Conversation Set 4: You will be given a new bow on the beach. Once this happens, keep talking to the guy who gave it to you. Then go towards the other members of the group (Whitman and Sam. There is a roof with a blue tarp on it, and they are under it. After that, you must go to the boat where you first talked to the people in the above conversation set. Talk to the lone girl there.

    Conversation Set 5: After finally getting the tools needed for the Survivors, it will be night time on the beach. Under the blue tarp roof again, you'll find the last few conversations. The last one will be with Jonah a little ways towards the next objective.

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