Slayer II Achievement

  • Slayer II



    Defeat the Twin Centaur Bosses without dying (Greece).

    As soon as the fight starts save, that way if you die you can just reload the save and try again.. To defeat these two you have to shoot them individually until its rage meter is full then it will unleash an attack that will only affect you if you have your gun(s) out. When it does this stop firing and make sure lara puts her guns away. When you build its rage meter up a second time it wil charge you, you must then perform a adrenaline attack. When you do that it will be stunned, grapple the ring on its shield and reel it in. When its shield is off you must build its adrenaline meter to full again to make it release it attack (the one you have to put your guns away for) but instead of putting away your guns pick up the shield and hold the analog stick toward the centaur. This will cause it to attack itself thus freezing itself momentarily. When it's frozen it's vulnerable to attacks, shoot it until it's defeated, if you don't kill it while it's frozen you will have to freeze it and attack it again until it's dead. Do this on both centaur's.
  • Simply one of the best battles in the Tomb Raider Series! Probably one of my newest favorite achievements! :)

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