Hard Game Achievement

  • Hard Game



    Complete the game on Hard difficulty (includes Easy and Medium Game achievements).

    Simply complete all fourteen levels to complete the game. I've been hearing about a glitch that prevents the "Hard Game" achievement from unlocking. I've heard from many different people that playing a time trial sets the difficulty of your save file to medium, so when going for the "Hard Game" achievement DO NOT play a level under time trial difficulty until you complete the game.

  • I bea thsi game on Hard not once but twice. and it didnt unlock howe3ever the easy and medium one did. normally i wouldnt care but i also collected all the relics in TB: Underworld and that one did not unlock either.. is there a way to fix this or am i just screwed?
  • your screwed :D
  • *you're
  • the medium unlocked right after the end sequence and the hard unlocked during the credits. maybe this will help
  • 2 4# helpful! finally get it! if u skip the staff,u wont get it...

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