Good Show on Lost Island! Achievement

  • Good Show on Lost Island!



    Complete all the Lost Island Super Actions without fail (first try).

    A "Super Action" is an interactive cut scene where you have to hit certain buttons. In these interactive cut scenes you have to hit     or , you fail them by pressing the wrong button (i.e if you hit  when the  button appears) or you don't hit the right button in the second it gives you to press it. It sounds harder then it actually is, save often and if you fail a super action just reload a previous save and try again. There's only about 3-5 of these in each area.

    The Lost Valley
    T-Rex Entrance: 

    T-Rex Defeated: 

    Tomb of Qualopec
    Lara vs. Larson: 

    Tomb of Tihocan
    Lara vs. Pierre: 

    Sanctuary of the Scion
    Natla's Henchmen: 

    Natla's Mines
    Killing Larson: 

    Kold and Kid: 

    The Final Conflict
    Finishing Natla: 


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